Pokemon Go Gardevoir Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More

Pokemon Go Gardevoir Guide

Have you heard about Ralts? It is an event organized every year, and Gardevoir is connected with this event. Gardevoir is the best fairy-type attacker Pokemon in the game with the ability to read the future. There are things it is especially vulnerable to, like a ghost, poison, as well as steel-type moves. In case of some risky and unstable moments for its Trainer, the psychokinetic power of Gardevoir is fully revealed. If you have never heard about Gardevoir, it is not a problem: we have prepared a detailed guide for you on what it is, how to get it, everything you need to know about shiny availability, and many more. Ready? Let’s dive into the topic!

​How to Catch Gardevoir in Pokemon Go, Shiny Availability, and Other Tips

Once you decide to grab Gardevoir, the first step you must take is catching Shiny Ralts. It is needed as Gardevoir is evolved from it.

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Gardevoir comes from Kirlia. Still, Kirlia can evolve not only in the Gardevoir. So, to get the desired Pokemon, your task is to feed it with 100 Ralts candies. Still, prior you start checking on the ways of catching Shiny Ralts, make sure that there is the possibility to grab them at the lowest rate possible. Stay somewhere near and at the proper moment, capture it fast. Search for the Shiny Ralts in the wild. Its spawn rate gets higher if the strong wind is blowing and there are clouds in the sky. Hatch 5KM egg or complete a field research task or a raid to become the owner of Shiny Ralts. Once the desired result is achieved, use 100 Ralts candy to get Gardevoir.

It is just as simple as it is! So, open the game and get your Gardevoir!

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Pokemon Go Gardevoir Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


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