Pokemon Go Gallade Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


Gallade, the psychic fighter, is here in Pokémon Go! Gallade is a dual-type Psychic and Fighting Pokémon, which gives him quite the edge in battle when it comes to move selection. Today, we’re all about Gallade, so let’s get started with our guide on how to catch Gallade in Pokémon Go, its shiny availability, and more!

How to Find and Catch Gallade

Gallade can be caught by either evolving him from a male Kirlia, or by conquering him in a Raid battle. Gallade cannot be found in the wild, nor can he be hatched from eggs, so don’t bother looking for him while you’re out and about.

First off, you’ll need to start with either Ralts, the baby form of Gallade, or Kirlia, the second stage form. Both Pokémon can be found in the wild, and Ralts can be hatched from all eggs. Make sure that your Kirlia is male, otherwise you’re going to end up with a Gardevoir instead!

Once you have a male Kirlia, all you need to do is give it 100 Candies and a Sinnoh Stone. You can get a Sinnoh Stone through Research Breakthrough rewards or Trainer Battle rewards. Voilà—you are now the proud owner of a Gallade!

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Gallade Shiny Availability

Gallade’s Shiny form was officially added to the game on the 20th Community Day back in August 2019. As is the case with most Shiny Pokémon, your best bet in securing a Shiny Gallade is to participate in a limited-time event for a better chance at encountering one.

As luck would have it, the new event, Fashion Week 2021, is currently underway, and with it came a bunch of new fashionable Pokémon. One of the Pokémon added was a form of Kirlia wearing a top hat, and this one has an increased chance of being Shiny. Try your luck at capturing a Shiny Kirlia, then evolve it to have a Shiny Gallade!

During Fashion Week 2021, Kirlia will also have an increased spawn rate in the wild, so make sure to explore around and hope that you get lucky. You can also try for a Shiny Kirlia in Raid battles.

Gallade’s Battle Moves

Gallade is a dual-type Psychic and Fighting Pokémon. He can learn the following moves:

  • Fast Attacks
    • Charm (Fairy, 20)
    • Confusion (Psychic, 20)
    • Low Kick (Fighting, 6)
  • Charged Attacks
    • Close Combat (Fighting, 100)
    • Leaf Blade (Grass, 70)
    • Psychic (Psychic, 90)
    • Synchronoise (Psychic, 80, TM)

As you can see, Gallade is a very versatile fighter. With access to a wide variety of moves, Gallade can cover a lot of types for you. Just remember that he’s vulnerable to Fairy, Flying, and Ghost-type moves. Our favorite combo for Gallade is Confusion and Close Combat.

That concludes our guide on Gallade. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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Pokemon Go Gallade Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


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