Pokemon Go: Egg Glitch Explained

Pokemon Go: Egg Glitch Explained

Pokemon Go is a big AR game and arguably one of the best, allowing you to become a real Pokemon trainer and collect a lot of Pokemon. One of the most common ways to add a Pokemon into your collection is through hatching eggs. You can use incubators and wait for some time until the egg is hatched, after which you will be able to pull out a random Pokemon. However, the game’s community discovered a glitch that may help you to detect the Pokemon you will get from an egg. In this article, we will tell you the details about this bug in Pokemon Go.

Egg Glitch in Pokemon Go

In one of Reddit’s discussions, a user posted a picture that shows an interesting glitch with eggs in Pokemon Go. If you follow the link we gave to you, you will be able to see a picture with an egg, and an Aipom behind the egg. With this glitch, you’ll know the Pokemon that will be pulled out of it.

This bug is a serious issue, as it allows you to predict the exact creature you will be hatching in the egg. It kills the point of this mechanic, as it is based on the fact that you have to hatch an egg and get a random Pokemon. If you know the result of all this activity, then you will be able to abuse it and refuse to hatch an egg with a Pokemon you don’t need.

Since this glitch affects the game, there is no doubt that the developers will fix it soon. Because of this, you should not count on it too much. However, players may receive these eggs and abuse them until the fix.

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Pokemon Go: Egg Glitch Explained


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