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Pokemon Cafe Mix Tips, Cheats & Guide on How to Play This Game

Pokemon Cafe Mix Tips, Cheats & Guide on How to Play This Game

Seemingly out of nowhere, a brand new Pokemon game was launched on mobile: Pokemon Cafe Mix. This is a pretty unexpected twist, though, since this isn’t your regular Pokemon game. Instead, it’s one that mixes restaurant management and puzzle gameplay.

Somehow, it manages to get things right and the result is impressively cute. We’re here to help you learn how to play the game by sharing all the Pokemon Cafe Mix tips and cheats that you need. Out complete guide to the game will take you though all the steps you need to follow to play better.

So let’s get cooking and befriending pokemon – and learning everything in between – with our Pokemon Cafe Mix tips and tricks below!

Pick the right pokemon for each level

As you become friends with more and more pokemon by completing orders for them, you also unlock some as staff for your cafe. And each pokemon has a different specialty.

Pokemon Cafe Mix Tips

If you use a pokemon with a specialty matching the type of level that you are playing, you will get a bonus: the skill bar will fill up faster, making it easier for you to actually beat the level.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to pay attention to the level you’re about to play and make sure that you select a pokemon who matches it.

It’s better to match two skill moves together

With a correctly chosen staff, your skill bar will fill up faster and as a result you will create their corresponding specials more often.

One of those special tiles is very useful, but if you have a bit of patience to fill up the bar again, you can mix two together for an even better effect: this is usually what you should aim for, actually.

Don’t try to rush using the special skill tiles when they are created. As we learned here at Touch Tap Play, even though they are really nice and enticing, it’s best to use them when you really need them and when they will make a difference.

This means waiting to combine two or using these special items to reach hard to get tiles or really rank up those winning move.

It’s also very important to know exactly how each of those special skills acts. Some will explode and clear up items in an area around them, others in a row and so on. Make sure you know what they do in order to fully take advantage of their power.

How to unlock more staff?

Pokemon Cafe Mix Unlock Staff

Unlocking new pokemon to work in your cafe is a matter of beating levels. So the more active you are and the more orders you complete, the more pokemon you will befriend and unlock as staff.

The first additional Pokemon that becomes a staff member in Pokemon Cafe Mix is Charmander, which is unlocked at level 7. Here are some others that become available as you play:

  • Minccino at level 14
  • Snubbull at level 17
  • Slurpuff at level 24

As you can see, the more you play, the more staff you will unlock. The same goes about in-game content as well, with new features or areas of the cafe being unlocked as you beat more advanced levels.

Create matches as long as possible

I am not talking about the length of the chains themselves, but actual time spent creating those matches. As soon as you tap an item and link it with another piece, a countdown timer begins.

Unless you really know that you have indeed chained up all the tiles available, there’s no real need in releasing your hold until the time goes up. While you are at this, simply swipe your finger over the screen to capture all the other items available.

This will not only clear the board faster, but potentially fill up your skill meter faster and help you beat the levels easier. There’s rarely – if ever – any benefit in leaving unmatched tiles on the board.

Pokemon Cafe Mix Tips 1

While moving your finger on the screen, do keep an eye on the position of your chain and the spot on the board where your move ends. The former is important when you have to break special tiles; the latter is less important, but it’s there where your special skill tile will be placed *if earned.

Don’t spend acorns to continue a level unless you know you will win

Even though the game starts out nice and easy, it gets challenging relatively fast. This means that you might end up failing to complete a level. When you do so, you have a chance of spending golden acorns to continue.

While this is definitely an useful option, you can end up blowing through your money reserves really quickly if you rush to accept this offer every time. Only take it when you are 100% sure that you will be able to actually beay the level if you do.

In other words, only accept this offer if you are just a move or two away from beating a challenge. Otherwise, you’re just wasting valuable currency!

Replay levels and use power-ups

Power-ups are unlocked later in the game and they can definitely make the difference between a win and a loss. The problem about them is that you have to select them before starting a level.

Since they are so valuable and important, Touch Tap Play recommends not to rush into using these unless you really know you need them.

This means that you should always play a new level without a power-up. Maybe even replay it, as a replay can give you better tile drops and make your life easier, helping you beat the levels without extra help.

But if you have already played a level at least a few times and it seems too difficult to beat without the extra help, use your power-ups. Just make sure that whenever you do so, you actually make them count and win that game!

Pokemon Cafe Mix Tips 2

Strive to complete Friendship Bonus levels

After completing a specific set of orders for a Pokemon, you unlock the Friendship Bonus which allows you for a three star stage.

However, if you fail to complete that level, you will not get the reward. Therefore, it’s always good to be very careful when completing Friendship Bonus challenges in Pokemon Cafe Mix. You don’t want to miss out on those bonuses!

Keep an eye on (and complete) challenges

If you want to make a lot of acorns fast, make sure to complete the challenges that the game throws at you. Every card has a bunch of tasks for you, but they are relatively easy to complete.

Just make sure that you actually know what the requirements are, in order to focus on getting those whenever possible during a level. You can earn thousands of acorns this way, which will come in handy!

These would be all our advice for Pokemon Cafe Mix that we have for you today. If you have additional strategies to share with the world, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below!

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Pokemon Cafe Mix Tips, Cheats & Guide on How to Play This Game


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