Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground: New Features

he new features in pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl

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The features in the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have remained, for the most part, similar to how they were in the original Nintendo DS Diamond and Pearl games. However, there are some brand new additions in the remakes that make it even better than it was. Here are all the new features of the Grand Underground in the games.

Secret Base Statues

A statue of garchomp from pokemon brilliant diamond

Secret Bases can now be decorated with special statues that you collect by digging into the walls of the mines. When using the dowsing feature by pressing R underground, you will see the spots sparkle where you can dig. When mining, it is always better to use the pick than the hammer, as the hammer will quickly fill up the bar at the top of the screen that shows how much digging time you have left. When it cracks all the way, the entire thing will break and you may lose artifacts that you didn’t completely dig out, so be careful.

The Types Of Statues You Can Get

A pokemon trainer standing with statues in pokemon brilliant diamond

The statues you can get here will either be a regular very muted color or a shiny green. Shiny statues can increase your chance of finding a shiny version of a pokemon. All statues increase your chance of finding pokemon of a certain type. For example, if you find a few statues of fire types and put only those kinds in your secret base, you will have an increased chance of seeing rare fire-type pokemon. All statues will be found inside a box in the digging space. Regular statues come in a Pretty box, shiny statues come in a Gorgeous box. You can tell a Pretty box versus a Gorgeous box by the appearance on the outside – Gorgeous boxes always have a more detailed design.

Mining for a box with a statue inside in pokemon brilliant diamond

How To Get More Pokemon With Statues

Note that you can also get Legendary statues and put them in your secret base, but those are only achieved after you catch that specific pokemon inside Ramadas Park. Legendary statues will be the most potent in causing more wild pokemon to appear in the underground areas.

A regice statue from Pokemon
Credit: Serebii.net

Something in conjunction with the statues is the digletts that you see showing up on the paths of the underground. If you collect 40 of the sparkles they leave behind, your chance of getting a shiny statue will temporarily increase greatly. You can also occasionally find a dugtrio that will give you three points instead of one.

That’s everything new in the underground. Hopefully this cleared up how to use the features and collect lots of rare statues!

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground: New Features


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