Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Contest Guide: Tips and Cheats


Want to take a break from battling in your Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl journey? Why not try out the Super Contest Shows – a fun and a great way to show off how lovely your Pokémon are! Today, we’re here to guide you through the Super Contests with our Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl contest guide with tips and cheats!

How to Enter Super Contest Shows

Once you arrive at Hearthome City, you’ll be greeted with the giant Concert Hall in the middle of the city. After a brief introduction and tutorial, Super Contest Shows will unlock, granting you the ability to put your favorite Pokémon in a show of wits and beauty!

Talk to the Nurse Joy standing behind the counter to register for a Super Contest Show. Before you can start, you’ll need to pick a contest category. There are five contests: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness. After that, you’ll choose the rank you’d like to participate in. All Pokémon must start at Normal Rank, but after that you can move up to Great, Ultra, and finally Master Rank.

Now, you get to choose which Pokémon in your current team you’d like to enter. You can see each individual Pokémon’s contest attributes, which are the five show categories from earlier. Make sure that you pick a Pokémon that has a high attribute in the corresponding show you picked to increase their chances of winning!

Next, choose one of your selected Pokémon’s moves to show off during the show. Each move can generate up to three Hype Points if your groove is positive, which we’ll explain later. Generally, the stronger the move, the more Hype Points you can potentially earn.

Finally, you get to choose one of your decorated Ball Capsules if you’d like for extra pizzazz, and it seems that it affects your Visual score during the show. You can also dress up your trainer in a snazzy costume, but unlike the Ball Capsules, this doesn’t seem to influence your show score.

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Tips for Better Show Performance

If you feel your Pokémon’s attribute for the show is too low, you’ll have to feed them Poffins. Different flavored Poffins will increase attributes, like so:

  • Spicy: Coolness
  • Dry: Beauty
  • Sweet: Cuteness
  • Bitter: Cleverness
  • Sour: Toughness

Keep in mind that every time you feed a Poffin to a Pokémon, their “sheen” increases, which can be viewed on the attribute screen right before a show. A Pokémon at maximum sheen cannot eat any Poffins, so plan out your Poffin distribution!

When it’s showtime, your Pokémon will appear on stage alongside the other three contestants. A dancing mini-game will begin, and you’ll need to press the A button when the notes on the right hit the static PokéBall icon on the left. The better your timing, the more Hype Points you’ll earn!

As you hit notes in succession with good timing, your groove will increase, indicated by up arrows next to your Pokémon’s status. If you have two arrows, your groove is at maximum, so you should use your move to get lots of Hype Points. Alternatively, if you wait for the other contestants to use their moves, using yours at the same time will also net you a lot of points.

At the end of the show, your total rank will be calculated by three different scores:

  • Visual: Calculated by your Pokémon’s attribute in the show category and your decorated Ball Capsule
  • Dance: Calculated by how well you performed during the dancing mini-game
  • Move: Calculated by the conditions of when you used your move (positive groove, in tandem with the other Pokémon)

All three scores will be combined into your final rank, and if you beat everyone else in the competition, you win and can advance to the next rank! Don’t worry if you lose the contest, as you can simply try again. Before you do, make sure to feed your Pokémon the correct Poffins and choose a better move.

That concludes our guide on the Super Contest Shows in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl! If you have any other tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Contest Guide: Tips and Cheats


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