Pogo Plumber is a fresh new platformer game for iOS powered devices, one that makes us remember the days when we were playing Super Mario – sounds, enemies and coins. But we are here to talk about some Pogo Plumber cheats and tips that will hopefully help you travel as many worlds as possible and get as many coins as possible, while also unlocking all the items. It won’t be an easy job, as you probably know already if you have played the game!

But let’s not waste any time complaining and instead let’s check out below some Pogo Plumber tips and tricks!


1. Master the jumps
This is everything that this game is about: mastering the Pogo stick and the jumps. When you tap, your character jumps and his fall can be accelerated by tapping the screen again – but then he will also jump after landing, so it’s pretty confusing at first as you can see in my gameplay video below. But once you get settled in and you master the jumps, everything makes sense and you’ll be able to go very far.

2. Maintain height
Staying as high as possible in Pogo Plumber is a must if you want to get as far as possible. Otherwise, you risk hitting a monster that you didn’t know was there. So make it your top priority to get the biggest possible height and stick to it for as long as possible.

3. Manholes are your friend
Whenever, during your run, you see a manhole, do your best to land on it (or in it, actually), as it will take you to another world. This is what the game is all about, exploring the worlds and getting as far as possible, so make sure to make it your priority to find all the doorways to the new worlds.

4. Not all power-ups are useful
During your run, you can collect power-ups. I personally find just a couple useful: the magnet since it draws all the coins towards you and the “Super” power-up that makes you invincible. The high jump makes it more difficult to predict your jump and landings, while the fly power-up often sends you without warning straight into a monster and it’s game over – and you have no control over that. So I try to stay away from these last power-ups for as long as possible.

5. Buy new items
The goal of the games is to get coins, then spend them to buy crazy items for your character and dress him up as ridiculous as possible. Therefore, make sure that you spend all your coins on the new items, after you upgrade the two power-ups that really matter in this game.

6. Get combos
When you jump on a monster’s head, you start a combo move and the more you can pogo in a row, the bigger that combo is and the higher you will go on the Leaderboards. So try to find the patterns – because all monsters come in such a way to allow combos and use them for your own advantage.

Here is a gameplay video of Pogo Plumber, seven minutes of me generally failing and still trying to get the ropes of the game. I do manage, for a brief period of time, to make it to the second world of the game:

And these are our Pogo Plumber tips and tricks, I really hope that you found them useful!



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