Pocket Trains is the new sensation for simulation game lovers and Nimblebit’s title is a real joy and proves to be extremely addictive to all audiences. And since we loved and played it for so long, we’ve decided to share some Pocket Trains cheats, a series of tips and tricks that should help you get the most out of the game, expand your railway system and tune up the profits. Because you really want to conquer the world with your trains, right?

If you do, let’s check out the Pocket Trains tips and tricks below and you’ll be one step closer to accomplishing your goal:


1. Play often to keep the trains moving
When you start the game, if you want to progress as fast as possible, make sure that you have the time to play often: you generally need very short sequences of play time in order to get the most out of the game since most of the stations are close one to another and your trains will need around 5 minutes to reach the destination.

As long as your trains are moving, they are earning money for you, so make sure that this happens ASAP.

2. Get the free Bux
There are some really easy ways to get Bux, the in-game premium currency, the easiest of them being the “Free Bux” button in the game’s shop, where you will earn 2 Bux for every video that you watch.

Also, you can get free bux by looking at your trains travel to the next destination. Every now and then one free piece of premium currency will appear and you will have to tap it to earn it.

3. Don’t spend bux to refuel
Trains need fuel to run and if you are really active, you might feel tempted to spend some bux to get them fueled up instantly instead of waiting.

Every minute of waiting costs 1 Bux, so it’s better to let the fuel tanks replenish naturally. They don’t have to be full to make the new trip, they just need enough.

4. Exchange Bux for coins
You will probably run out of coins pretty fast and you’ll want to expand even faster. There’s a possibility to use the game’s Bank from the in-game menu to exchange Bux into coins.

Have in mind that every day there is a new exchange rate, and it would be best to check the rates for at least three days in a row to know what good value really is and only exchange when you get the most coins for your Bux.

5. Create tracks of no longer than 4 or 5 cities
Although it might look like you’re saving money to create longer routes for a single train, it is not actually true.

Any line longer than 4 or 5 cities becomes too difficult to handle as there will be too many goods for your trains to transport and you’ll have them stuck in the yards and train stations.

Instead, if you have shorter routes, your trains will always reach the destinations packed, quickly and bring you more money.

6. Always plan your routes from city to city
Although you can fill your train in your city and deliver three or four train stations away, it’s better to plan your routes from one station to another.

This way, when you get to a new station, you have the option to add some extra wagons to your train and therefore increase your pay. Not doing this is actually a waste of time and money.

7. Always go for the Bux carts & Piece carts
Whenever you see that there’s a cart that offers you Bux or Train Pieces, make sure you deliver them as fast as possible.

For the Bux carts, the value that you get from exchanging them for coins at the bank will generally exceed any value you can get from regular coin carts, while the train pieces are extremely useful for building new trains (engines) or fuel carts for trains.

8. Don’t ignore the fuel carts
Although at first you will want to have as many trains running as possible, having no fuel in the tanks means that you have to wait longer and you lose money.

Therefore, after you have 5 trains running, it would be a great idea to start building fuel carts for them in order to have them run longer.

9. Buy new licenses when the time comes
Don’t rush into buying new licenses (basically unlocking new continents) before you fully cover the ones that you already own.

A good license to buy first is America, followed by Asia, but generally the continents are made in such a way that they’re pretty even so you can choose whatever you like. Just don’t do it too soon or you’ll have no money to take advantage of them.

10. Watch your trains run
If you have nothing better to do, you can watch the trains run to their next destination. Every now and then, coins will appear and if you tap them, you get them in your bank accounts. Even better – although at less intervals – you will get free Bux which are always worth waiting for.

11. Do the daily events
Every day, you will have an event accessible via the game menu which will usually require you to deliver a specific number of crates to a specific destination (marked by a golden exclamation mark on your map). Try to complete these events as they offer great rewards, like free bux and train carts.

12. Purchase crates in the shop
If you want more Train pieces, the easiest way to get them fast is to purchase them in the store.

The 10 crate packs are pretty cheap and you should always go for the premium ones (the purple boxes) in order to get them most out of your crates. But don’t forget that after purchasing the crates, you will need 10 Bux to open each of them!

And these would be our tips and tricks for Pocket Trains for iPhone and iPad. Do you have other strategies? Share them with us in your comment section below!




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