Ketchapp’s latest game is quite a challenge! Pocket Snap puts you in control of a pinball launcher and your goal is to get the ball into the box. It’s harder said than done, like many other Ketchapp games, but our Pocket Snap cheats and tips should give you a couple of hints on how to land those shots better.

Mastering Pocket Snap is a matter of paying attention to the launcher and just good old fashion practice, so let’s get started with our Pocket Snap cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Your launcher never moves!

It may seem like an unimportant fact but it’s actually crucial to understanding the power levels of the launcher. Take a good look at the launcher – it never moves from its default position. This means that the ball’s power levels will always be equal to how much strength you use, and never where the launcher itself is located.

Keep an eye on the spring!

As you tap and hold, the spring will depress and more power will be added into your launch. It’s crucial that you keep an eye on the spring – the only way you’ll start to get a feel for the power levels is by watching and memorizing the spring’s location when you let go.

If you’re having trouble memorizing specific points on the launcher’s spring, try using the ball sockets as little checkpoints. For example, the top ball socket can be light power, while the middle one can be medium power, and the bottom socket can be heavy power. Launching at anything past the bottom socket will result in a lot of power, so be careful!

Never use full power!

No matter how far the box is away from you, it’s never a good idea to use full power, or depressing the spring all the way. Launching with that much power will always result in the ball smacking the top right corner of the screen, falling to its doom. You can’t really make bank shots in Pocket Snap, so it’s not worth trying. The box will never be close enough to the right wall for the ball to just fall in this way either.

Grab the glowing items!

In addition to the regular stars you find that are worth 1, sometimes you’ll come across a glowing star. These rainbow stars are worth 5 each, so try to grab them if you can! Even better – sometimes you’ll find a rainbow ball. If you can manage to grab one you’ll get one ball added back into your launcher. It’s a 1-up, essentially, so they’re worth it!

Practice, practice, practice!

Most Ketchapp games are centered around one challenging mechanic, and Pocket Snap is no different. Our advice can only go so far, but the best thing we can leave you with is to just practice! Once you’re able to get down the launcher’s power and memorize exactly how far your shots will go, you’ll be a pro at this game in no time. But, as with all good things, that takes a lot of practice. Keep it up champ!

That’s all for Pocket Snap! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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