Kongregate has just launched a politics-themed idle clicker game that fits perfectly with the current presidential race: Pocket Politics challenges you to raise enough money to become president (because apparently that’s all that matters) and I am here to help you make it happen sooner rather than later by sharing with you some Pocket Politics cheats and tips to keep you winning elections over and over again.

If you’ve played similar games before, you probably know most about this one as well, but either way let’s check out below some Pocket Politics tips and cheats!

1. Focus on the Lobbies
These are the most important parts of the game because this is where your main income will come from – especially when you are away and not playing the game. The key here is to find the right balance between unlocking new Lobbies and ranking them up.

My strategy is to try and unlock as many as possible, then ignore the ones that are too difficult to upgrade for the moment: they take a lot of time to complete, but the rewards are really good. However, you can get similar results or maybe even better results at least early on by ranking up the ones that are easy to rank up: for each rank, you reduce the speed at which they are ready by half, therefore making a lot more money. This is why it is vital to rank them up as soon as possible: a level 25 Ticketeers is worth a lot more than a level 24 one!

2. Your candidate
Not extremely important unless you want to spend a lot of time in the game tapping, he’s still required to progress through the game. Make sure you check out his screen every now and then in order to trigger the elections after you have collected enough money for that. Tapping the screen seems to increase the amount collected for the elections faster, so don’t hesitate to do that whenever you have the chance.

3. Upgrades
With the upgrades, things are even easier: buy them as soon as you unlock them because eventually they will worth the money, even if sometimes the bonus they offer seems small. One suggestion is to buy the flat sum tap bonus first and the percentage increase second in order to get even more from the latter and a bigger bang for your buck. Apart from those which are sometimes in a different order, all the others should be purchased in the order they are unlocked at.

4. The time lapse cheat
You can try actually cheating in Pocket Politics using what is commonly known as the time lapse cheat: quit your game and go to your device’s settings, then set the time forward by 4 hours or more. Return to the game and collect the money waiting for you and speed up your trip to becoming president!

These would be for now our tips and tricks for Pocket Politics. Do you have any others to share with fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!


    • you have to collect the love messages, then exit the event resources going back to your main screen in the game, tap on the hammer and wrench and then exchange your love messages for whatever.


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