Kongregate have just launched Pocket Plants on the App Store and Play Store, giving players all over the world the change to save the world from pollution… at least virtually. An interesting plant breeding game with a twist, Pocket Plants will surely keep you busy for a while now that it has been launched. And we’re here to make a great experience even better by sharing with you a complete set of Pocket Plants cheats and tips. These will help you unlock new plants faster, get to new areas and enjoy the game more.

So put on your running shoes and let’s get ready to do some planting. Here are Touch Tap Play’s Pocket Plants tips and cheats!

1. Always plant to get new types of plants
The main goal in every new world that you unlock is to discover all the plants in the nursery in order to save the area from pollution and be able to move forward. There’s little guess work involved in discovering new plants as simply tapping the ones you haven’t already found in the Seeds menu will show you combinations that could give you the required plant. Focus on getting them two at a time. Here’s how I do it:

I plant two seeds that have the potential of giving me a new one, combine them and afterwards I plant two seeds that have the potential of giving me a different one. I always try to use 4 different seeds/plants in order to minimize the chances of getting the same plant in return. And although the guesswork is eliminated by the hints in the seeds menu, you are still not guaranteed to get the plants that you want – just keep trying the same match over and over again and eventually you will get it done.

Pro tip: It appears that using the later plants/seeds gives you higher chances of unlocking new plants. So make sure that you always use the latest plants when going for new ones.

2. Focus on completing orders
Orders are extremely important in this game because completing them is extremely easy to do and the rewards are awesome. The orders will require you to plant and grow plants that you have already unlocked, so all you have to do is tap them in the Orders menu, plant them and wait for them to grow, then Submit to complete the mission. The Orders will give you great rewards, including Flasks and Premium currency, so make sure you complete them as soon as new ones arrive.

3. How to get Amethysts
Amethysts are an interesting type of currency that is needed to unlock the higher level plants in each world. You can only get them from completing orders, which makes the tip above even more important.

4. Watch Ads
You can watch a total of 10 ads per day in order to get a total of 20 free Gems. You should take advantage of this on a daily basis as the free gem gains are really high and you can put that Premium currency to great use!

5. What to do in completed worlds?
With completed worlds, I usually leave three spots open (for planting seeds when the Orders require it) and for the rest of the spots, I fill them up with the highest level plant available – the one that produces most energy. This is the only thing to do and you should stop breeding and trying anything else in completed worlds unless you are achievement hunting (but you’ll still get there with your active worlds, since you’ll have to do a ton of breeding until you get all the plants in each world)

6. Power-ups
Power ups can be received from the lab, and you can basically get two of them for free every 3 days from watching ads. This is the only thing you should spend your Gems on as all these Power-ups give you permanent bonuses that will help you progress through the game a lot faster.

7. Add Friends
Friends are extremely important in the game because you can not only visit them and give them a helping hand for completing daily missions, but they can also complete your orders (and you theirs) in order to get a ton of free resources. So add a ton of friends to progress through the game faster.

8. Start running
Or at least walk. The game can be paired with a Fitbit device (but the phone works just as well) for counting your steps. You can then trade in your steps for extra energy or goodies and you should take advantage of this at all times. Also Upgrade the Steps storage in order to unlock bigger and better rewards.

These would be right now our tips and tricks for Pocket Plants. If you have more suggestions for fellow players, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


  1. I am trying to submit a burnt wood order, for 2 pieces, one from level one and one from level 2. I have one from each in storage and have tried replanting them, but they don’t show as being present (0/1) in the order menu. Got any ideas?

  2. Awesome, thanks! I did figure that out eventually, but it took a while ;)

    Now, question #2, if you like: what’s up with the power Ups? They start out filling up at 1/2 and you think, oh cool, almost there! Then when you get another flask it switches to 2/5, then 5/10, now I’m at like 13/50 on some of them. Do they ever fill up? (Sorry if this is a dumb question.)

  3. anyone else running out of amethysts at level 2 already? the orders don’t really fill them, and I am sad because I have three blocks waiting to be unlocked…sad!

    • What I do is I use Steps to convert to energy or amethyst/ruby. When you’re not playing the game and you hung out with people or out jogging etc, it will count your steps. Then you can convert it.

  4. How do you make super plants? I’ve been trying to figure it out but I still can’t find an answer too it or maybe I’ve just over looked a fine detail lol

    • You can collect bits of super plants in the ‘quest’ menu, and after you collect all the pieces, you go to the nursery and click ‘super’ at the top, then plant it. You can only have one of each super type


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