We’ve recently talked some strategy regarding Pocket Mine 2, but I still believe that some important gameplay elements were not talked about in the previous article – some more advanced ones – so I’ve decided to fill that gap by sharing with you now some Pocket Mine 2 cheats and tips for advanced players or, better said, some more advanced tips for players who want to get more out of this game.

So let’s not waste a second and let’s start digging through the more advanced elements of the game.

1. Use your rubies to buy the Legendary card packs
Even though I personally refer to them as diamonds, it doesn’t matter how you call them: I am talking about the premium currency, the red rubies that you can get for free randomly from treasure chests, completing a level or playing the special mines. You will surely have enough to buy from the shop the VIP Bundle – and you should save until you get there because you get 5 cards fro free and at least 5 guaranteed Legendary ones. They matter a lot in the game and will help a lot, so as soon as you have 40 rubies, purchase this!

2. Sell your gear
You really don’t have much to do with the cosmetic gear and most of the other gear is useless. Keep just the gear that you have and sell the rest for extra magic cubes to use in the Factory. Only use these cubes to craft legendary gear or crafting cards if you really need to do this.

3. The best cards and gear for your Custom Loadouts
These custom loadouts are the most important miners that you have. I would suggest using the best possible combinations of gear and cards for these custom loadouts and always use these loadouts when completing the single player campaign and never on the already completed mines (or only if you really don’t have anything else to do).

During my play, I found out that I get the most amazing results from the explosive blocks cards and I would suggest equipping your characters with them and then use gear that gives you added bonuses – extra explosive blocks or extra metal/precious blocks or bombs. You will need these guys to complete stages, so don’t even worry about any other type of card that increases your earnings (also from personal experience I found out that these types of loadouts still give me the most money).

For example, a great loadout would be: Precious Freznzy (100% more precious blocks and 25% are explosive), Crystal frenzy (100% more crystal blocks and 25% are explosive) and Metal Frenzy (25% explosive metal blocks and double the amount) – these are the stats for the basic card, but you can also upgrade them. As gear, I would use either Handy fro (an extra 40% Crystal Blocks) or Silver Hard Hat (30% more drills). As gloves, use something like Surgical Gloves (30% more Crystal Blocks) or Rainbow Mitts (50% more worm crates) and finally as boots I would go with Two Tone Shoes (10% more shuffle arrows) or Fire Greaves (10% More Metal Blocks). This would be an amazing loadout that would allow your miner to reach amazing depths.

4. How to approach the mines
Use the custom loadouts for the challenges and missions and the basic guy for replaying missions. You can easily shuffle twice, even three times because you will still make a profit. When replaying missions, focus on unlocking crates (for getting artifacts and therefore completing collections for rewards) and going as deep as possible – the deeper you go, the better your rewards. I would personally play the same mine over and over again until completing all the stars – and it takes a lot of time, as I am still on the second mine with that. But it’s fun and worth it for the rewards.

I really hope that these more advanced tips have helped you and don’t hesitate to add anything that I might have missed!


  1. wrnog wrong and wrong.
    first of all i found cheat how to refull energy without waiting.
    Second loadouts are important but focus on one type for example to go deep pick all explosive drill and drill card plus gear that supports that. i am at 710m right now and play only one load out
    For colelections artefacts i use max crate cards plus detection plus chance of 2 artifacts in one crate . i can collect all atifacts in 10 games or less


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