The original Pocket Legends game was launched back in 2012 and now we have finally received a more than welcome upgrade with the release of Pocket Legends Adventures. And we’re here to help you get the most out of it by sharing a bunch of cheats and tips to get you started on the right foot.

To be honest, I only vaguely remember the original, so I can’t really compare the improvements. However, this new game looks good and plays nicely – but is also difficult. Even more reasons to check out some Pocket Legends Adventures tips and tricks – so let’s get started with that!

What character to choose?
When you are first tasked with choosing your character type (Bird, Squirrel-type or Bear), you are told that you can change that later. Although it is true, that costs 5,000 coins, so you’d better go with something you like.

The good thing about Characters is that they don’t really influence the game or the stats and are purely aesthetic. So no matter which one you choose, you won’t be limited in any way when it comes to character development – just choose what you like best!

How to change your character?
If you somehow decide to switch the character type, you can do so by going to the town and visiting the Magic Mirror to the right (it’s not extremely easy to see, but it’s near Amira the Costumer). Here is a screenshot of that particular area in the town:

What starting gear to choose?
Similar to choosing your character first, you get the chance to select the starting gear. You have three options, as seen below:

The bow and staff work in similar ways, meaning that they are both ranged weapons, while the sword is a melee weapon. The main difference between these is that the swords usually deal more damage, while the bow and staff deal less, but from a range.

I started with melee weapons, but soon found out that it’s actually the ranged weapons that make the game a lot easier. So unless you want a real challenge, go for any of the ranged options and your life in Pocket Legends Adventure will be a lot easier.

You will also receive all sorts of weapons as you play, so you will be able to switch between them, with no class penalties of sorts – so you still have options if you suddenly decide you no longer like your current weapon.

Attack from the back
When attacking, all enemies have a red effect area that shows where they will hit. It also takes more or less time to charge, keeping the attacker stuck until the red area is filled and attack made.

This gives you the opportunity to get behind them and attack from behind in order to deal even more damage. You should do this as often as possible as it really makes things a lot easier for you. However, this strategy is easier to use with a melee unit instead of ranged ones.

Repair your items
All your weapons and armor have a durability level attached to them and you should strive to keep that to maximum in order to get most from your items. In order to repair them, simply tap your character’s portray in the lower left corner, then the wrenches icon in the new window.

Replay missions over and over again
You can and should replay completed missions as often as possible in order to increase your coins and have money for upgrades. The wall hits really soon in the game, so grinding is a major element here. Make sure to log in often and replay often in order to have the required resources.

Don’t forget about the Town’s Furnace, where you can sell unwanted items in order to make even more money. Have in mind that the durability level of the item doesn’t influence its price, so you don’t have to repair the items before selling – this way, you get maximum profits.

Keep on training
Training takes time and helps you perform better in battle, but it costs a lot and you have to do it smart. Train based on your play style, otherwise you’re just wasting money!

In other words, if you’re planning to go full melee, train the warrior weapons instead or Archer weapons (for example). Also, train your armor skills based on the armor you’re most likely to use and thinking about the future as well. Following our previous example, you should train your heavy armor if you go melee and Light Armor for ranged combat.

Get a pet and stick to it
Choose one of the three pets available with each new unlock and stick to that pet – there is no point in wasting money and shards for pets you won’t use.

My recommendation is to choose Lingo the bird as the first pet because of the Healing abilities, then go for Bubo and finally Kumiho. Although I still believe that Lingo is the best pet if you only have 1 pet slot available.

This would be it for now in terms of tips and tricks for fellow Pocket Legends Adventures players. Do you have more strategies that work? Let us know by sharing a comment below!


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