Pocket Gunfighters Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategies


Pocket Gunfighters is a really great and addictive game from Gamevil, but we’re not here to praise it for all the right reasons. Instead, we’re here to check out some Pocket Gunfighters cheats and a set of tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get the most out of this great but also difficult title. So if you’re having trouble beating a mission or you simply want to up your game a little bit, check out our Pocket Gunfighters cheats and tips below and you’ll hopefully get better!

1. Play with two hands
Probably one of the best advice that somebody can give you: when playing Pocket Gunfighters, simply place your device on a flat surface and play old school with two hands: one should be used to drag and move your character on the screen from left to right to avoid the projectiles thrown at him, while the other should be used for aiming. I simply couldn’t do all this with one hand and instead I found really easy with two. So it’s definitely worth a try!

2. The “time forward” cheat
Don’t want to wait for your dead gunfighters to regenerate their health? Then simply go to the time settings of your device and fast forward 1 hour or more to revive them all. Happy gaming!

3. Upgrade & what to upgrade
If you don’t spend those hard earned coins on continuously upgrading your characters, you won’t get too far. However, since upgrades are expensive and coins few, you should prioritize these upgrades. I would personally suggest focusing on hearts and ammo first because the more you are able to take damage and shoot back, the better. Try to also keep a balance between all characters – although having one really strong one to start with is always a good idea.

4. Learn to use each weapon
Each of the weapons in the game have a specific power that you should use to your own advantage. The shotgun for example is perfect for areas where enemies are tight while the machine gun has the Stunlock ability which can prove extremely useful in later stages.

5. Buy Mystery Boxes
If you want some extra Gunfighters, power-ups or other cool prizes and you have some coins put aside, you can spend 10,000 of them to get a mystery box. I personally prefer getting gunfighters, but you’re not guaranteed one. Also, make sure to purchase the one for the area you want to try your luck in.

6. Don’t swipe over all enemies
Indeed, you get a bonus for destroying them all, but sometimes it’s best to tap them and take them one at a time: either because they’re extremely fast and if you wait for all of them to appear, you risk losing them or because it gives you more time and focus for swiping your character on the board and avoid projectiles.

7. Learn the patterns and anticipate
In all levels, your enemies will follow the same pattern of attack. Simply pay attention to what happens and you will easily take out the next rounds, while keeping your gunfighter safe.

And these would be for now our Pocket Gunfighters cheats and tips for the beautiful iOS games. If you have other suggestions or tricks that you use, let us know by commenting below!

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Pocket Gunfighters Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategies


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