Pocket Build is one of those insanely relaxing games that you can play in sandbox mode, letting your creativity roam free and keeping the challenge levels as high or as low as you wish. There is no end goal in the game and apart from building your own pocket world, there’s not really much gameplay involved either in the beautiful Pocket Build.

But there are still things that should be discussed – one of them being how to get food in Pocket Build, one of my main problems for a long while in the game. There are other things as well, with interesting secrets (not very well kept though) to be discovered in today’s Pocket Build tips and tricks strategy guide.

Remember, you can play this game exactly as you can see fit: there is no right or wrong, no actual way to play it better than another. But if you want to make sure that you know about all the options that you have in the game and make sure that you take advantage of all the features, then read on for some Pocket Build tips and tricks below!

How to get food in Pocket Build?
This almost drove me crazy early on when I started playing. I got all sorts of animals, let them roam free or crammed them all together between fences with all my people… but nothing happened. No extra food was gained.

That’s how I learned that, at least at the moment of writing this article, the animals are not fully implemented in the game and they’re purely decorative.

If you want to increase your food, though, you will need two things: people to collect the food and farming stuff placed on your land. In order to get the “farming stuff” simply tap the tree icon, then select the “farming” option. Any item you place from there, such as the grains, pumpkins, cabbage etc will be harvestable by your citizens, increasing your food count.

How to get wood in the game?
With wood, things will probably be a bit easier as you place trees early on in each game. And that’s all that you have to do: simply place a few trees (or more) and have people that can reach them. They will start chopping them down, giving your wood in return. And the trees will instantly grow back, so you don’t have to worry about planting and replanting them over and over again.

What are the different types of people for?
There are various types of people that you can get for your pocket world, but the truth is that at the moment there’s not much of a difference. No matter which character you choose, they will all do the same things. In other words, The King won’t have anything against cutting trees or gathering crops next to a Worker.

They are just for roleplaying right now and most likely future updates will make things a bit more specialized… but until that happens, there’s no real difference between a peasant and a king in the game right now.

Goblins vs Humans
There is a difference between Goblins and Humans, though. If you put them together, for example, you will see them start fighting. This adds a bit of diversity when it comes to building your world, as it allows for creating two factions, for example… but you don’t have to go this route if you don’t want to.

When the two races meet, they fight!

But to have in mind that if you put Golbins and Humans together, they will start fighting! But the good news is that, even after they get killed, you can still revive them for free at any time.

How to keep challenging yourself
Pocket Build is all about building and creating, not about achieving milestones or completing missions in regular gameplay fashion. However, if you start to lose focus and interest in the game, you can set your own goals. For example, task yourself with creating a mountain city or a huge port, a huge castle or a goblin den with humans trapped in pens and kept as slaves to feed the animals, harvest crops and cut the trees.

If you want to take things further, don’t forget that you can tap every character in the world and give them a name. This makes it even easier to roleplay and build a kingdom that really is yours.

Use your own imagination and create your own challenges, building epic things in this charming game. That’s all it is about, in the end!

And these would be our tips and tricks for fellow Pocket Build players. Did you manage to find other secrets, or maybe you have extra questions? Don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your comments below!


  1. Hints.
    Farming wood- plant 10 trees. Close them off with fences and put 10 workers in there. The trees grow back so don’t worry about that. (do not put this near a path as for some reason they try to walk on it and end up doing nothing)

    Do the same for food and gold. Gold can only be mined by goblins. However block them off with a 1×1 fence so you only have room for the gold. This means the goblin will constantly mine the gold without stopping. Just wish gold had more significance.

    You also earn resources while you’re away so you don’t need to be in game all the time. All characters cut trees and collect food, even the king. Animals don’t do anything I don’t think, more decorative…

    If you’re stuck for ideas look at other people’s builds.

    • If you hold one finger at the middle of your screen without moving it and another either up or down it should move the camera angle (I’m not the most literate of people so if you don’t understand sorry about that)

  2. What do the in app purchases give you. I mean they call them “tips” but what exactly is that? Is the game playable without? Are tips cosmetic or do they spread up harvesting?

    • Tips are not items, you just contribute to the game’s developement by paying money. Buying it gives you wood, food and depending on the amount of tips gold.

  3. For me I put a hole in the ground and whatever I want harvested in them with people or goblins for gold but they can’t climb one block and it works

  4. Is there a way to lay a bunch of tiles at once but have them still be seperate tiles? Building new islands lakes forever if you do it square by square but if I use the larger ones I can’t deleat an individual square later if I need to edit something. Unless I’m doing something wrong?

  5. How do I save my game, my town and all that I have built?? Four times have all of my buildings and stuff that I have created in the game has been gone after one or two days not playing the game!!
    I play on a iphone pads (pro) and is their a problem in the game or the app or am I doing something wrong??
    Please help me and tell me whats wrong, please!!

  6. If you click on your resources and select sandbox mode then you can play without having to rely on resources. Everything is free. I find this more enjoyable as farming resources takes forever.


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