You can never have enough inspiration when it comes to creating your perfect island in Plunder Pirates and this is the exact reason why I have decided to create this article and share with you some great Plunder Pirates base design ideas or Island designs, to keep in line with the game.

No matter if you call it a base design, base layout or island layout, though, the thing is that there are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to build a perfect, tough to break fortress in Plunder Pirates and have your enemies skip attacking you and focus on other islands, probably of those who haven’t read our article yet.

And before we get to actually seeing some great Plunder Pirates island designs in action, let’s start by checking out some base building tips and tricks to help you build your own mega island in the game:

– Don’t try to put everything behind walls: you will have no reasons to cry if most of the buildings on your island are destroyed. So keep only the important ones (resource, towers, Pirate Hall) behind walls and use the others as bait or to delay the attacks of incoming troops.

– Try to build more “chambers” because it’s better to have multiple sets of walls that incoming troops have to break than just a large, thin one that only requires one piece of wall to be destroyed for the enemy troops to enter your fort.

– Keep as much land as possible behind your main buildings aka the ones you want to protect in battle, as we have already told you in our tips and tricks article. Because the enemy troops must be deployed on water, the longer the sand area that they have to cross, the more time your towers have to take them out. So use buildings and decorations to spread that land to the maximum and see the enemy struggle to even get to your base. You will see this in action in most of the base layouts below.

And now that we know all these useful tips and tricks, let’s check out some great Plunder Pirates base designs / island designs below of the current top players. I really like these layouts and I am sure you can use them for inspiration and building a top base:

Plunder Pirates Island Layout 01

Plunder Pirates Island Layout 02

Plunder Pirates Island Layout 03

Plunder Pirates Island Layout 04

Plunder Pirates Island Layout 05

Plunder Pirates Island Layout 06

Plunder Pirates Island Layout 07

Do you have other suggestions when it comes to building a perfect island in Plunder Pirates?


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