PLU Codes for All the Fruits in Sneaky Sasquatch

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Sneaky Sasquatch is one of the Apple Arcade games. At this moment, developers regularly update Sneaky Sasquatch. In the recent update, fruits were added to a game. How does this system work? Read the guide, and you will understand.

Fruits Guide in Sneaky Sasquatch

From the release of Sneaky Sasquatch, there was a Fruit Cocktail, which you can purchase from a supermarket for ten coins. Also, in-game there were Watermelon, Kivi, Grapefruit, and Lime bikes. These bikes are called fruit bikes. However, there were no fruits in the game. 

So, in a recent update were added: bananas, orange, apple, grapes, pineapple, watermelon, lemon, peach, avocado, and lime. These fruits you can use to restore the hunger point. To find them, you need to go to the supermarket. Here you can buy or steal them.

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If you decide to steal fruits, a Grocery worker will ask you to stop. If you have not done it, he will call the police. Be careful, you might get arrested, and all fruits will be confiscated.

PLU Codes for the Fruits in Sneaky Sasquatch

To buy fruits, you need to go to the Spaghetti Hotline. Here you need to use the cash machine and type the PLU code to purchase certain fruit. However, you still can buy fruits directly from the supermarket. But if you want to buy using this way, here are PLU codes:

  • Banana – 4011
  • Orange – 4013, 4014
  • Apple – 4015, 4016
  • Grapes – 4022, 4023
  • Pineapple – 4029
  • Watermelon – 4031, 4032
  • Lemon – 4033
  • Peach – 4037, 4038
  • Avocado – 4046
  • Lime – 4048
  • Lemon – 4053

These PLU codes were got only by trying one by one. To be honest, it is quite hard work. So, that is all with PLU codes for fruits in Sneaky Sasquatch. Hope you find this guide useful!

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PLU Codes for All the Fruits in Sneaky Sasquatch


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