PlayPhoto: Trivia Picture Quiz has been around for a while, but lately it has been brought back to life by an amazing community. Everybody wants to play the game and there are over 50,000 quizzies in PlayPhoto, some of which are really amazing but difficult to beat. With an interesting concept and different approaches to the game which could make each face-off anyone’s game, PlayPhoto is the game to play right now. And we’re going to help you win constantly with our PlayPhoto: Trivia Picture Quiz tips and cheats to keep on winning.

So take a break from answering all the questions and start thinking some strategy! Check our our Play Photo cheats and tips for PlayPhoto: Trivia Picture Quiz below!


1. Try to fill the board
Although your goal is clearly to win the game and grab the coins that you have gathered, you’ve got even more to win if you try to fill the board first and play as many games as possible. This gives you the chance to grab more rewards which would be inaccessible otherwise. So try to complete as many tiles on the board as possible before winning.

2. Go for the better rewards first
You usually never know how good your opponent is, so try going for the better rewards first. This means power-ups in most cases, since this are rewarded automatically when the game starts. So choose those tiles and head for those who hold double the rewards in order to make the most out of each game you start.

3. Remove power-ups before starting a game
Play Photo forces you to use your power-ups as long as you have them and in some occasions you might not need them. However, there’s one little trick you can do to stick to your power-ups for as long as possible: after tapping the power-up of your choice to use in the game, tap the selected ones again in order to remove them and keep just one of each. This way, you get to keep more for the match-ups that really matter and to grab those difficult wins from a skilled opponent.

4. Choose the categories you are best at
There are basically two types of quizzies present in the game: the ones where your reaction time matters the most and the ones where you still need to have some sort of knowledge. And usually people are better at one than the other, with the obvious winner being the reaction quizzies.

For example, a quiz that has you quickly tap the correct animal or fruit or color is definitely one that anybody can do and all that matters is how fast you can tap the correct answer. However, a quiz that asks you to tap the Capital cities of countries from the Middle East is a bit more difficult for most.

In other words, take advantage of your top knowledge in a certain area and go for the easy win. I know mobile and video games, so usually I choose quizzies from this category. Knowing a bit of history, geography or more uncommon stuff will make it a lot easier for you to grab the easy wins. So always choose the categories you’re best at and make it easier for you to win. But have fun from time to time and choose those impossible quizzies that have you tap the correct color of a word written in a different color (oh, I hate those!).

5. Read your opponent and choose according to their strength
Another strategy is to see what your opponent is good at and not choose a quiz in that category. If they keep choosing movies from the 80s, even if you are a big fan of movies from the 80s, it might be a good thing to switch to best DNB bands of 2015 (just a random example).

The idea is that you should try to read your opponent, see what they’re good at and chose a category that they couldn’t get too many correct answers from (but you could!).

6. Log in daily
Logging in daily and playing a few quizzies will help you a lot because you will earn a bunch of nice rewards. The rewards meter resets every 14 hours, so if you can play that often, do so. If not, at least once a day to grab all the rewards is really good.

7. Connect on Facebook
And add friends! Friends are extremely helpful as they can send you gifts, but you can also get guaranteed games against them and even plan out with them how to play on the board in order to get all the great rewards there. If none of your real Facebook friends are playing this game, you can still add as friends random people you have played against and that is useful as well!

All in all, PlayPhoto is a really interesting and extremely fun game that I am sure everybody will love. It’s all about having fun and enjoying all the amazing (and not so amazing) quizzes that people have created. And hopefully our Play Photo tips and tricks have helped at least a little bit and you’ll be able to win more from now on!



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