Play-Doh. We all know what it is. We all know the fond memories we had with it. Well, now it’s back in an all-new iOS game! Play-Doh Jam is a simple roll-the-ball game with graphics made to look like actual play-doh! Let’s get through the play-doh world together with our PLAY-DOH Jam cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use quick, small strokes!

You guide your play-doh ball by drawing lines in the ground. While you can hold your finger down and create long lines, it’s better to just go for small, short strokes. You will quickly find that your ball is going to be turning around very frequently so short strokes will do fine.

2. You can go backwards!

If you miss a big group of play-doh monsters, you can actually make a u-turn line in the ground to turn your ball around! Just be careful; there is a play-doh avalanche that slowly creeps up behind you so don’t spend too much time back there. Listen closely for the rushing sound of a flood of dough – that’s your cue to escape the doughie apocalypse!

3. Watch out for the exclamation marks!

After you’ve finished getting the first tier of upgrades, you’ll start to notice flashing exclamation marks around the level. These floating exclamation marks are next to monsters or objects, and they indicate that your play-doh ball is currently too small to absorb the object. Ignoring the warning and colliding with the object or monster will cause you to lose some points, so be careful!

4. Complete the quests!

Quests will start to be issued to you once you make the first upgrade hill. Completing these gets you closer to taking down the boss of that level, so be sure to do them!

5. Take advantage of powerplay!

Knocking the end level boss will grants you points towards a free power play. Once you hit a certain threshold, you will have a power play to use. Activating a power play at the beginning of a level will scatter black “P” balls around. Touch one to grow your play-doh ball in size! This can help you get a big start early on, so don’t be afraid to use these!

All play-dohed out? If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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