A nice new platform / shooter is going to be released later today in all regions on the App Store.

Buzz Killem, developed by Everplay Interactive, is a game that fans of old school games will surely love, thanks to its retro graphical style and old school platforming action.


Buzz Killem is actually a sort of sequel to Bill Killem, another game developed by Everplay Interactive. Instead of playing as Bill, you will be playing as his dead. This actually doesn’t bring such a big difference, since you will still be shooting aliens and kill lots of creatures who want to do the same to you.

Even though the graphics are retro-styled, they really look increadible. The whole direction of the game is incredibly charming, with plenty of different costumes, guns and power ups to unlock. If you’re a fan of old Contra or Megaman games, you really should take a look at Buzz Killem, since the infleunce of these classic games is strong in it.

Buzz Killem will be released later today globally on the App Store. The game is going to cost $1.99. Make sure to download the game if you’re looking for a really fun game to play on the go.




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