Thomas Was Alone, the nice platform game developed by Bossa Studios launched a while back on the App Store, has been recently discounted, allowing players to get the game for a reduced price.

Starting today, players all over the world will be able to purchase Thomas Was Alone for the reduced price of $1.99. The game has never been so cheap before so make sure to take advantage of it if you are curious about Thomas Was Alone and want to experience it for yourself.

Thomas Was Alone features some cubes of artificial intelligence who have to work together to overcome puzzles and obstacles in order to clear each stage. The game’s narrative and storyline is one of the game’s strongest aspects and manages to carry the game forward even with its flawed gameplay experience. Most gamers will probably cut the game some slack, as the narrative is really, really good.

Since its release, Thomas Was Alone was also updated with a new level and some other new features that make the game even more enjoyable than before.

Thomas Was Alone is now available for a reduced price on the App Store. We don’t know for how long this deal will be available so make sure to take advantage of it as soon as possible.



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