If there’s a genre that’s enjoyed quite a bit of success on the App Store is the Platform gaming genre. This is related to the fact that such games are easy to pick and play and that they can be easily be played and enjoyed on the go without needed a lot of time to become fun.

A another one of these games is now available for download on the App Store for free. We’re talking about Jupiter Jump, a one-touch platform game developed by Noodlecake Games.


Jupiter Jump comes with a really unique presentation and setting. During the game you will have to travel through an alien landscape, dodge bombs and reach the final gate of each stage.

The gameplay experience issimple yet engaging. The only action you can perform during the game is a bounce, which is performed by simply tapping the screen. The simple controls don’t mean that the game is on the easy side, since you will be encountering more dangers and hazards than you can count.

Jupiter Jump is now available for free on the App Store. Make sure to download the game if you’re looking for a nice little title to keep you occupied for short bursts every now and then.




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