PlateUp Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks


PlateUp is a new roguelike management that features the chaotic environment of a kitchen and merges it with restaurant management. If you’re one who’s always wanted to work as a chef or handle your restaurant, this is the game for you.

Since this is a relatively new game, many players are yet to understand the gameplay or how to manage their restaurants well. So in this article, we’ve lined up some helpful PlateUp beginner guide: tips and tricks.

PlateUp Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks

Purchase a Research Table

Players should be able to buy one on their first day unless they didn’t get it in the blueprints. Once you have it, place it next to the cabinet and also put any upgradable blueprint in the cabinet. On workdays, be sure to fill the research bar in order to upgrade.

Prioritize Upgrading Your Sink First

Sometimes you’ll notice yourself losing, this is because of the dishes. Both the dishwasher and power washer are very important, so be sure to upgrade your sink whenever possible. If you place an extra set of plates in the dishwasher, your work becomes so much easier.

Place Dining Tables in the Kitchen Doorways as Well as the Counter that Divides the Lobby/Kitchen

Although you’ll be locked in the kitchen, you won’t need to leave because you can directly plate your customers and take their plates from the kitchen when you do this. Also, placing your sink next to one of these will act as a 2 for 1 one cleaning a plate and the mess on the ground.

Put Plates on Tables Before Taking Orders

This works especially when there’s no variation on your menu items. Placing an extra space on your counters can be helpful when you’re starting to get overloaded. So if you’re giving out food to multiple customers, you’ll have 2 plates instantly.

Picking up Dirty Plates and Putting them Back Down

You can actually pick up a dirty plate, put it back down and the customers will still sit at the table. This is useful when you notice the line of customers outside is becoming impatient or if there’s no more room for dirty dishes in the kitchen.

Doesn’t Hurt to Over Prep Some Meals

This is a pretty obvious tip in the game but as long as the customers can wait, get a pizza and serve it amongst four customers. You can also use the oven as another placeholder after cooking an extra pizza.

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PlateUp Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks


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