Planet of Heroes is another entry into the growing MOBA genre for mobile devices. With fast gameplay and an art style influenced by the ever popular League of Legends, Planet of Heroes is shaping up to be a great entry point for MOBA fans. Battles are fast-paced and demand a lot of strategy, so grab two other friends and hop into the fray! We’ve got some tips for you here in ourĀ Planet of Heroes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Planet of Heroes is an easy to pick up and play game, but there’s a lot of depth and complexity to be discovered. So let’s get started with our Planet of Heroes tips and tricks guide.


1. Know your role!

Each hero on this planet belongs to one of four classifications. There are Warriors, Assassins, Marksmen, and Supports. Knowing your role is essential to your team’s victory!

  • Warriors are frontline melee fighters. They will be the first ones to charge into the enemy team, so make sure to follow them in! Warriors usually have higher health and armor than usual, and they’re also boasting crowd-control effects on the skills like slows, stuns, and roots. When playing as a warrior, not only should you lead your team, you should also cover them as well! Is your backline marksmen and supports getting bullied? Cover them!
  • Assassins are melee damage dealers. Like their name suggests, they deal big bursts of damage within a short period of time. They trade durability for high damage output, so you need to pick your targets carefully. When playing as an assassin, try to bully high-priority targets like the enemy team’s support or damage dealer. Know when to back out too! You can’t take many hits, but thankfully a lot of assassins have an escape or two.
  • MarksmenĀ are ranged damage dealers. They excel in dealing consistent damage over time, provided they keep a safe distance between themselves and their targets. While they’re usually packing a crowd control skill, it’s best to always be aware of your spacing. Most of them don’t have an escape like assassins do, so if you get jumped on things can get bad really fast!
  • Supports excel in helping their teammates do what they do best. They can offer help by deploying shields, slows and stuns, escapes, and more. They don’t do much damage on their own, but when they are with their team they are unstoppable. A good support will always be with a teammate, helping them secure kills or clear out the jungle.

Early on, you will only have access to a couple of heroes. Try them all out and see which playstyle you like the most!

2. Change your runes to specialize!

As you play matches with a hero, you’ll gain individual experience for them. When they level up, a hero will gain access to a new rune set. Do note that you’ll need to purchase all runes in previous tiers before you can buy any new runes. Runes are auxiliary equipment that add bonus effects to your hero’s skills. With the right setup, you can make your hero excel at a very specialized thing. For example, Bubbles’ first skill is Explosive Harpoon. With the Lacerated Wounds rune, you can make harpoons reduce healing taken by the target. Experiment and play around with the runes to figure out deadly combinations!

3. Know when to jungle!

The jungle is the lower section of the map. Inside the jungle you’ll find plenty of unique monsters to take out. If you can take out a full camp of monsters, you’ll earn some experience for your team. Some camps will even leave behind temporary buffs for you or a teammate! If the main lane is at a standstill, then consider heading into the jungle to rack up some extra experience to give your team the edge. Be sure your hero is suited for jungle combat, and it’ll help if you take Spark of Smite along. All minions and monsters around you take moderate damage and you heal yourself for 10% of your maximum health.

You can also use the jungle as an ambush point. Since the entrances to the jungle are covered in brush, the enemy team will not know you’re in there unless they see you going in with their own eyes. If you’re jungling and you see your team fighting with an enemy that’s closer to your base, go from behind and pincer attack them! This will usually result in a kill for your team!

4. Try out mission mode!

You may have noticed that each hero also has their own equipment menu. Here you see how their gear affects their stats. You can spend energons (the silver bars) to upgrade gear, but first you’ll need to find the materials. Where do you get these, you ask? Mission mode! In mission mode, you’ll form a group of three heroes and fight through a fixed level. It’s basically story mode. You’ll get the materials you need to upgrade gear from these levels. If you tap on a specific material in the upgrade menu, you can see which level it drops in.

That’s all for Planet of Heroes! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!




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