From Camel Games and Perfect World comes a new and exciting game, World on Fire,  which is going to make you think and re-think all the war strategies and tactics you know. In this game you will have to plan and develop your base of operations, while the world around you is in chaos from the World War II.

The game will feature some realistic scenes, so expect lots of heavy weaponry and (not so friendly) fire coming your way. Players will be able to form alliances with others and plan strategies together to take on more difficult battles. 

There will be four military classes available, so every player can choose their own style, from tanks and armored vehicles, to artillery and infantry. Basically anything that can fire towards an enemy will be featured in World on Fire. 

Players will be able to build bases and research new alien technologies which will allow them to get more powerful and increase their attack. Since research is important, they will have costs – therefore players need to collect resources and recruit more troops to always be prepared for a surprise battle.

Since decision making is key in this game, we’ve already put together an epic strategy guide to help you once you decide to get started! Check it out and make sure you got your thinking cap on because this game is going to keep you on your toes at all times. 

The game is now available for download, and you can find it in the App Store or on Google Play


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