In terms of “one more try” type of games, Laser Dog’s PKTBALL is clearly one of the best games you can play right now on your iPhone or iPad. A great new take on Pong, PKTBALL (read: Pocketball) is a bit tennis, a bit Pong and a lot of amazing awesomeness and craziness. And even though you’re mostly all alone in the game and it’s your skills that matter the most, I am here to try and help you get the most out of it by sharing some PKTBALL tips and cheats to keep winning matches.

This is mostly focused on the single player experience, because things get even crazier in multiplayer (but my tips also work if you play against one friend). I am also including a PKTBALL gameplay video of me getting an amazing 181 score against the AI: so there’s a lot to see in this article. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some PKTBALL cheats and tips below!


1. Learn how the directions work
In order to properly hit the ball and send it exactly where you want to (or at least in that area), you need to practice a lot on the directions and how to hit the ball. If you hit the ball while swiping left, it will go right; if you hit it while swiping right, it will go left; you can control the angle and speed by going at it faster or slower and by coming from an angle or narrowing the angle from which you hit.

It’s very difficult to master the controls and I, after hours of play, still have trouble with it and just go with the flow (swiping left and right and hoping for the best), but the sooner you can get past this, the better for you and the longer you’ll survive in the arena.

2. Get those power-ups
Apart from the Banana Ball which can actually backfire and cost you a life, most of the other power-ups that appear on the field are great to have so try to get them as soon as they appear (because they don’t stick for too long). Extra lives are insanely useful (smiley faces), but anything else goes just as well. In order to get the power-up, extra life or extra points, all you have to do is to send the ball through them. Do it to keep your score going up!

3. Keep the score going
As soon as you score against your opponent, a bar that shows double points appears on the left. If you manage to score again, you get two points and the number increases to 3. The maximum is 4, but if you can keep on going at 4, you will score a ton of points so try to keep it going and be fast about it.

I found out that focusing on a single side of the field (as in sending all your balls to the right) manages to confuse the AI and you will get more points against it this way. Try and find a strategy that works for you and abuse it in order to make more points!

Here is the high score run that I was talking about – me playing PKTBALL for the first time. If you don’t want to go through the entire video, my high score run (181 points) starts at 14:00:

Do you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow PKTBALL players? Let us know by commenting below!




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