When a game on the App Store has the following message written in all caps, you get really curious: “If you get seizures or (get) dizzy easily, please consult your doctor before playing the game”. This message also gives you a big clue on what type of game you’re about to download: a crazily fast paced one which has the potential to put Flappy Bird to shame once and for all. We’re talking about Pixel Outrun, clearly one of the best “impossible” games that we’ve played lately.

The concept is pretty simple: you’re a Special Agent on the run, for some reason, from everybody: police cars are trying to take you down, traffic always seems to get in the way, there are planes blocking your view and obstacles are everywhere. How far can you go? Well, probably not too far, but you have the restart button at hand and you’ll surely do so until your eyes hurt. Really, I did that and it’s not the best feeling in the world. But the game is THAT addictive, so really listen to all the health tips in the description!

Pixel Outrun is a great mix between Flappy Bird and all those skill driving games out there, even though saying that it’s a “Flappy Bird clone” would be a horrible exaggeration. The game is solid enough to be considered a copy of nothing, and the result of a great mind who wants to challenge and enrage you all. And in the end, after you play Pixel Outrun – available for free right now on the App Store – you will be pleased. Tired, but pleased. And you’ll want more, because 10 points is not enough!

If all this makes no sense, watch the short gameplay trailer below to understand what the game is all about:

Looks pretty amazing, right?



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