Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Build the Ultimate Team

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Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power is an idle turn-based RPG based on the hit anime series Dragon Ball Z! You will recruit fan favorite fighters from the anime and manga, including legendary heroes like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, and more!

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In our Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power tips and tricks guide, we will show you how to balance out your team, power them up so that they are in tip-top shape, and recruit more fighters! Let’s get started with our Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to build the ultimate team!

Take advantage of the Restraint system!

Do not the mind the funny name, the “Restraint” system is basically an elemental rock-paper-scissors kind of deal. Fighters come in one of the five basic types: physical (PHY), technique (TEQ), agility (AGL), god (GOD), and demon (DEM).

Physical fighters beat down agility fighters, while they can outspeed technique fighters. Technique fighters however have much more finesse than physical fighters and can beat them quite easily. Gods and demons beat each other out, as they are both cosmic entities. The three basic fighter types also deal reduced damage to both gods and demons.

It is good to have a balanced team to cover all your typings, as you have exactly six slots for every single type of fighter. If you are having trouble with a particular fight and you have noticed they use multiples of the same type of fighter, try working your team around so that you have the advantage!

Collect your idle goodies!

Your on-screen fighter will wander around the map aimlessly when you are not participating in a battle. Your fighter will get into random battles, and every time they finish a battle they will add some of the rewards into the idle reward box, which is located at the bottom left corner of the map.

The first is experience points. You can collect fighter and player experience from this, and the pool is very large, so you do not have to worry about this filling up anytime soon. This can help you level up.

The second are consumable training items, like evolution crystals and experience potions. You can only hold three types of items in here, so it is important that you empty it out often, as it fills up relatively fast.

The last item you can get from idle battles are actual fighter! You can find low-rarity fighters that you can add to your team if you so wish, but you are usually better off just sacrificing them for materials.

Claim your free Bond Forces!

When you get a new fighter for the first time, you can go into the Gallery and claim a free Bond Force. Bond Forces are very rare items that you will eventually need to evolve your fighters, so it is important to start building up a nice stash of them.

You can get Bond Forces by completing certain quests or going through certain levels in the Daily Challenges. They are pretty rare though, so you will need to grind it out!

Turn on auto mode for idling!

You can play Pixel Fighter as if it was a true idle game! If you tap on the Auto button at the bottom right corner, the game will automatically launch into the next stage whenever you finish the previous one.

Just be warned that if you unlock something and King Kai comes to tell you about it, your automation will be halted and you will need to manually advance through the text. Overall, this is a great way to progress through the game without having to manually accept each step.

Assign talents!

Every time your player level goes up, you will earn talent points. Talents can be assigned in the Bag section of your menu.

There are five points you can allocate talent points to: strength, intellect, stamina, and endurance. Improving a stat will grant a respective bonus to ALL of your fighters, making talent points very helpful!

  • Increasing strength improves physical attack power and critical chance.
  • Increasing intellect improves ki attack and accuracy.
  • Increasing stamina improves total HP and dodge chance.
  • Increasing endurance improves physical and ki defense.

You can pour all of your talent points into one stat if you so wish, or you can even them out to create a balanced team with no obvious weaknesses. The choice is yours – will you build a full offensive team, or will you play it safe?

Power up your fighters!

There are a ton of different ways of powering up your fighters, and keeping them leveled up sufficiently is the key to battle. For starters, you can spend experience from your experience storage to level up fighters, as they will not level up on their own even if they participate in battles.

Furthermore, if you have the right enhancement materials, you can perform an advancement. You need a lot of dragon souls to do this, but advancing a fighter grants them a massive stat boost. If you are missing specific dragon souls, you can tap on them then tap on source to see where they drop from.

Now, you can move onto Training. Training lets you spend those various colored weights you get from completing stages by improving your fighter’s auxiliary stats. Auxiliary stats include accuracy, dodge, crit, and damage bonus. Training costs gold and training experience plus the weights, so it is something to do after everything else.

Secondly, you apply techniques to fighters to improve their core stats. In the Enhance section of the training menu, you can spend HP, physical attack, ki attack, physical defense, ki defense, and speed techniques on a fighter to improve that corresponding stat. If a fighter is lacking in one stat or needs to be even stronger, use the techniques to build them how you like!

Lastly, you can try your hand at Potential. You can spend a medal to refine a fighter’s potential, and what this means is that the fighter will get random stat boosts. You can refine as many times as you like, but there is no guarantee that your next refinement will be better than the one before.

Equip your own gear for universal boosts!

Your main fighter – the one that wanders around and battles random enemies – can be equipped with gear. You will unlock this feature sometime around stage 15, and which point gear will start to drop from the stages.

Your main fighter has eight slots for, and each piece corresponds to a certain stats, like bracers improving your physical defense. When you equip a piece of gear, the bonus is applied to all of your fighters in battle, so it important to keep yourself well equipped!

Summon a powerful fighter with the aid of the Dragon Balls!

When you complete a certain number of stages, you will earn a Dragon Ball. The Dragon Ball you earn is unique in that it has a specific number of stars in it. If you can get all seven Dragon Balls, you can perform a summon that guarantees you an orange R+ fighter!

The Dragon Balls are acquired every time you pass a certain amount of stages, so keep going and eventually you will be able to receive a free awesome fighter. Since they are R+, they will give you a big power spike!

Head into the Daily Challenges for materials!

Since there are way too many ways to improve your fighters in this game, you will need all sorts of different materials. Thankfully, you can get most of them from one place: the Daily Challenges.

Every day, different challenges will open up that reward you with different resources. For example, the Gold Trial opens up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, whereas the Enhance Technique Trial opens every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Check every day to see what resources you can get!

That’s all for Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Build the Ultimate Team

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