Let’s get crafty in space! Pixel Craft Space Shooter is exactly what it sounds like – a pixely shoot ’em up in space! Travel the galaxy as you take down the universe’s baddest ships. Buy upgrades and new ships each with their own unique abilities! Pixel Craft Space Shooter is a nice, simple arcade experience that’s super fun for everyone. We’ve got a couple tips and tricks here in our Pixel Craft Space Shooter cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t let any ships by!


As you destroy enemy ships, your combo counter gauge will fill up at the top of the screen. Once it fills up all the way you will enter fever mode where everything worth double the points! Bronze coins will turn into silver coins, making them worth two! Not only that, but if you can fill up the combo gauge a second time while still in fever mode, you’ll enter TRIPLE fever mode where everything is worth – you guessed it – triple the points! Silver coins turn into gold coins!! Just watch out though! If a single enemy passes by you and escapes through the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a red MISS! appear and your combo gauge will reset back to zero, no matter what multiplier you’re on at the moment. Don’t let this happen and wipe the screen of enemies!

By the way, debris isn’t considered an enemy so you can let those giant chunks pass by with no penalty.

2. Buy the upgrades first!

We know you’re probably tempted to buy a new ship upon your first trip to the shop, but we recommend holding off for now. It’s usually better to buy the ship upgrades before you commit to a new ship. The ship upgrades are actually universal and are always active no matter what ship you’re currently piloting, while the new ships have their own effects that are only active when you’re using them.

3. Boss Tips!

  • When going up against the very first boss Mad Gun, you’ll need some careful control to dodge the bullets it shoots. It’s main method of attack is to fire a quick stream of twin bullets around your ship. This effectively creates a “tunnel” where it’ll also throw slow moving missiles down as well. You’ll need to stay within the tunnel while dodging the missiles. Its second attack involves throwing out a little canister. After a couple of seconds the canister will spray bullets around itself, so stay clear! It’ll do this twice before it blows up on its own. Mad Gun will continue the tunnel attack while it throws out the canisters, so be wary of your positioning! If you see a Shotgun power up come down in the trio, be sure to pick it up. At close range the shotgun is incredibly deadly and it’ll take out Mad Gun very fast.
  • The Queen’s main attacks are shooting out a large cluster of green blobs and throwing a spinning disk out. The green blobs themselves don’t do anything, but they can limit your space making you get uncomfortably close to the spinning disk. The Mitotic Dart is great for this fight, as shooting one blob with a dart will send out so many other darts. Generally any large area/spreadshot type weapon is great. Once you get rid of the blobs, dodging the spinning disk is much easier.

4. Watch your finger!

Try to keep your finger contained to the bottom of the screen, or anywhere that’s not near the action. In the heat of battle it’s very easy to lose track of your ship, and if your finger covers your ship you’re in for a bad time! It’s easy to slide your finger more than you need to, making yourself cover the screen. It helps to turn up the movement sensitivity in the options if need be.

5. Grab the coins upgrade first!

If you need help with deciding on an upgrade, try going for the coins one first. The great coins upgrade increases the amount of coins that drop from enemies, helping you get the other upgrades faster. Machine Gun, Super Weapon, Iron Armor and Double Score are great too. Force Shield, Nuclear Bomb, and Coin Magnet are a bit more situational. We noticed that those items rarely ever spawn during game play, so we decided to dump our coins into the other upgrades.

That’s all for Pixel Craft Space Shooter. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



  1. Great article -A tip to beat saw blade is to save a bomb up and us down it when his main blade is off. If you throw this at the right time and also have force razor you can get an S and win the ship


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