Pixel Car Racer Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win Races, Make Money and Get the Best Car

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Pixel Car Racer tips and cheats and help you become the best pilot in the game!  

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If you are familiar with the old Need for Speed games, you will find that you will have a lot of things to do here, just like you had in NFS. From NoS to many other car customizations, you will be able to create something really unique to fit your style and turn your car into something that will make others will turn their pixel heads after! 

So if you are ready to learn everything there is to know about the game, then why are we still talking? Let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Pixel Car Racer tips and tricks right here below!

Start by setting up your controls

Setting up your controls is super important, because right when I started playing I had no idea the game doesn’t come with an instructions manual and that you will have to discover everything on your own. 

Basically the first thing you should get going is setting up your custom controls so that you can get used to how the game plays out and make every race much easier. We want to win easily, and not make the game much harder than it has to be, right?

So, head on to the “Options” menu in the main game interface and there you will see on the right side three little options which you should adjust: Steering, Shifting and MPH or KMH.

– Steering will come into play especially when you are doing the races throughout the cities, the capture the flag and so on. It’s easier to use the on screen arrows in my opinion, because that way you will not shift your device by mistake and bump into another car, slowing yourself down. 

– Shifting is basically how you are shifting the gears. Now you can choose whichever option you find most comfortable for yourself, but I personally prefer the two with plus and minus, plus being on the right side. 

– MPH and KMH are the “Miles per hour” or “Kilometers per hour”, which is what the speed meter will show you. Choose the one you are most familiar with, it’s easier that way. 

Now you can try out various combinations, but make sure you try them out and use the ones that you find the best fitting for your play style. 

Get used to the controls

Once you are done setting up your controls, it’s time to get used to them! You can start simple, by going onto a drag race which is not super requiring, and will let you try them out quickly. Usually drag races don’t take as long as the Street ones, so let’s try that for start!

Head on to the “Race” button and select “Drag” -> “Freerun” -> “Beginner” and select “GO”. This will send you to a new race which is definitely one hundred percent winnable, so make sure you do it over and over again until you understand how the game plays out. 

Once you have a complete understanding of how the game works, and how the controls work especially, we can move on to the next tip! 

Start making money early on

One of the best ways that you can start making money from the earlier stages is by making a quick investment. I suggest getting a new car that can take you a whole mile and win, and start making money! This is how this works:

– Firstly, right when you are starting off in the game you will have some money, around over 10000. Head on to the Dealership. 

– There, you can select a new car. 

– Buy a new car which has pretty decent Speed and not a lot of Weight (I went with Asia -> seventh car)

– Head on to the Parts Store

– Buy a couple of items which you see interesting if you want (we will cover everything about the Parts in the Parts Store below) else move on to the next step!

– Go to Race -> Drag -> Freerun -> Beginner and go for the 1 Mile Race in Tsukuba! 

You will definitely win this one, so you will see that you gained 2000 $ from it! Underneath it, there is an option which lets you double the money by watching an ad. Do this and basically you will have earned 4000 from a single race! 

Make sure you “farm” this race because especially early on, it is super useful and it will give you more money than you think. Soon enough you will be able to afford a super good car and very strong car parts, so it’s good to start here! It’s easy and fast, and easy money from the race cannot be a bad thing, right?

Customize your car in every way possible

Now about making your car stronger, you can choose to customize it in various ways. From the color it has, to the parts, tires and so on. Let’s go over everything, shall we?

– Decals: they are just decorations on your car, nothing super out of the ordinary. 

– Lugs: the little “screws” that will screw into your car tire. 

– Spoiler: it goes on the back of your car to make it more aerodynamic and of course, make it look better!

– Seats: the car seats (no other explanation needed I guess). They should be as light as possible IMO, depending on what you are looking to achieve with the car. 

– Bodykit: this will go on the front, side and back and it will give your car truly that sport racecar look.

– Paint: the car paint, which can be anything you want it to. 

– Engine: is the car’s engine. You should be looking for one which has a lot of HP (horse power)

– Rims: the rims are where the lugs screw in basically. 

– NoS: if you played NFS, you will know about it. If you haven’t, it’s a gas which will speed up your car for a short period of time, helping you especially during drag draces. 

– Turbo: car’s turbo option (you should install, by default the car will not have)

– Brakes: car’s brakes. The better a car you will get, the better brakes you should get too in my opinion. 

– Tires: always try to go for tires which give you a very  good grip. 

– Suspension: go for some good suspensions whenever you can, because they will modify the height of your car, how fast it will achieve optimal speed and a good suspension is a must in all race cars. 

I suggest that you always focus on buying the best parts for your car, as they will make a huge difference overall. You can always use them on your old cars, then unequip them from the old cars and put them on the new car once you got one. 

Head on to the Dealership and look for the car of your dreams

Into the Dealership there are basically 3 types of cars: Asian, from NA and from Europe. They all have different brands (you might know that Hyundai is from Asia, Ford from NA, BMW from Europe and so on). 

If you are looking for a particular brand, you might find it in the region it belongs. Now we can assume that you have some money for a pretty decent car. Try to find one which you like, and if you have some time on your hands and want to also find it in the color you want, you can do it by all means!

A little Pixel Car Racer tip to find the car in the color that you want is to open the “Dealership” menu -> head on to the region your car is from and scroll all the way to the car you want to get. There, it will always appear in a different color whenever you open the menu again and again.

So if you want a pink BMW without spending money on paint, all you have to do is keep revisiting the shop over and over until the car comes in pink (or what ever color of your choice)! 

What is the best car in the game?

Now you might wonder this, because I also did. To be honest, all cars can be fairly decent if you buy good parts. But if you were to judge them by default, I can tell you the following:

For beginners (early money, so it means you are not yet super rich in game): When you only have a few thousand bucks with you, you should be looking into the NA region at the 9th option (20k $) or at EU region at the 10th option (14.5k $). In AS region you can also go for the 40th car, which is pretty good overall (14k $)! 

For medium players (mid-game, you have around 100-200k $ in the bank): 

– EU region: a beautiful BMW, the 38th car (129k $), the 41st option, a stunning Audi (170k $)

– NA region: 40th car (120k $), 43rd car (159k $)

– AS region: 89th car (149k $), 91st car (260k $)

For the end game, when you will really want to go for a very powerful car by default and make it even better, you should be looking at the following: 

– EU region: 48th car (600k $)

– NA region: 47th car (816k $)

In my opinion these would be the cars with the best stats from the stock that you can buy. Now there are others which are good, of course, and I am not saying that these are the only good ones, but in my opinion they are some of the best in game. 

Level up and get free parts! 

Whenever you finish a race you will receive some EXP which will count towards you achieving a new level in game. I suggest that you try to race as much as possible, because this is super useful as you never know what the free parts might be! 

You can get these parts in the box in your Garage, so make sure if you see a box there, tap on it and get the free rewards! Another thing which is worth noting when you level up, is that you get to allocate a skill point! 

You can choose to allocate that skill point in either EXP or Cash. I think that you should keep them somewhat balanced, as both more experience and more cash will come in handy later on! 

Take part in tournaments and win lots of money!

Whenever you take part into tournaments you will be eligible to win the prizes up for grabs!  These prizes can be big amounts of money, but the thing about tournaments is that it also takes money to register for them! So I suggest that only if you have enough money, a good enough car and good game knowledge only then you should start registering for them! 

During the Street mode races, pay attention to the cars

While racing in this mode you will see that the cars can move around freely. I suggest that you have a good hold of your controls so that you can avoid them and not crash into them. Since the cars can move, they can of course crash into you as well!

Do your best to avoid them, and especially while you are at super high speeds (250 KMpH+) try to move before the red exclamation mark gets too close, because at that speed it will be difficult to avoid them!

These would be all of our Pixel Car Racer tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other useful game tips and tricks that you want to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below! 

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Pixel Car Racer Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win Races, Make Money and Get the Best Car

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