Pixel 8 is a beautiful game that puts you in a race against time to complete various paintings by using different colors and only a quick visual guide. It’s fun, it’s intense and I love it so much that I decided to come and share with you some tips and tricks for you to complete and master all the exhibits and stages. Ladies and gentlemen, I have for you TTP’s Pixel 8 cheats and tips for three star stages. It’s not a lot, but hopefully it will help you get that final push and that extra second to master the game!

So let’s not waste any time – time is precious in the game too – and let’s check out our Pixel 8 tips and tricks below!

1. Choose colors while the image is being shown
You can choose the first color that you’re going to use while the image is shown on the board. Take advantage of this because you’re going to save some time – and any second is important!

2. Try to use two hands
Many of the paintings will allow you to use two fingers (ideally one on each hand) to complete the painting even faster. Many of the paintings have mirrored designs, so it’s actually extremely easy in most cases to re-paint the pattern using two fingers. This saves you a lot of time and if you manage to master this technique, you can say that you will become the master of the game.

3. Replay the same stage over and over again
You won’t get everything right on your first try, maybe not even second or third. You can play through the levels at your own pace, but when you really want to master an exhibit and maybe get on top of the leaderboards, you should play them one at a time: each time you’ll get better and pretty soon, after several tries, your fingers will automatically move a lot faster and you will get record times. But this is just for the really diehard fans of Pixel 8 – others will probably gladly accept the three stars and move on.

4. Play on the iPad
If you have the option, try to play the game on an iPad instead of iPhone. The larger display of the iPad allows for more precise tapping and you will have no problem tapping the wrong square on the small screen of your phone. But even on an iPhone, with a bit of practice, you will do just well!

This is all that matters, in the end, in Pixel 8: practice and replaying. Eventually, you will get your paintings right and you’ll top the leaderboards as one of the fastest in the world. If you have other tips and tricks for fellow players to get there, let us know by commenting below!


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