Pirates & Pearls is a beautiful match three game for mobile created by G5 Games. The title mixes match three mechanics with pirates and rum (well, maybe not so much of the latter, but you’re free to add that up yourself if you’re of legal age) and the result is impressive. And we’re here to make sure that you have a blast when playing the game by sharing a bunch of Pirates & Pearls cheats and tips to help you master all levels easily.

Although there are no revolutionary or highly innovative game mechanics brought to the table by G5 Games and you’ll feel right at home if you have played match-3 games in the past, why not double check and make sure that you have everything covered by reading our Pirates & Pearls tips and tricks below?

Start matching at the bottom
Except for the cases where you have extremely good options in other areas on the playing field, you should always start matching tiles at the bottom. The reason why this is a great strategy is that incoming tiles might fall just in the right spots in order to create combo matches and help you complete your mission as fast as possible.

Always look for potential special tiles
Another reason to skip matching tiles at the bottom for at least one move is if you have the option of creating a special tile in the game by connecting more than three tiles. These are extremely useful in the long run and you should always keep an eye out for opportunities to create them.

Afterwards, try to stick to them for a while as you might be able to create a similar piece on the play area. Matching two special tiles would help you a ton!

A bit of strategy never hurts, especially when we’re talking about the more advanced stages of the game when things get really difficult. You won’t be able to complete all levels in the first try (maybe not after the 10th, either), but if you strategize and try to plan your moves as well as possible, you’ll do a lot better than most players.

The trick is to look not only at completing the mission requirements as quickly as possible, but create matches in such a way that you complete all the requirements in time. That’s the only thing that matters, in the end, since there are no stars for levels – you just need to complete them!

A good strategy is to either start working on the most difficult parts/areas of a level, or work your way to getting there and making sure that you remove those tiles in time. Usually, the ones placed in hard to reach places are the real deal breakers here and you should always keep an eye for opportunities on removing them and create your strategy around them.

Hold onto your free boosters
You get a bunch of free boosters of each type as soon as you unlock them and you’ll surely be tempted to use them in order to blast your way through the levels, but my suggestion is not to do so. My suggestion is to start using the best booster for a specific level (based on your own judgement) only after you have played it and failed 5 times in a row. That would be a difficult level and, even though even more difficult levels will follow, that would be a good place to put your free boosters to good use and possibly have them help you win the mission easily.

Try the time lapse cheat for free hearts
In case you run out of hearts and you still want to play some more and you have no friends to help you on that matter, you can try the so called “time lapse” cheat. This means that you should force quit your app and remove it from the cache, then go to your device’s settings and set the time forward by 60 minutes or more. This hasn’t been tested, but it usually works and gives players extra hearts by fooling the game into believing that the actual minutes have passed in real life.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Pirates & Pearls. If you have other strategies that you want to share with fellow players, or maybe tips on beating the most difficult levels, don’t hesitate to share them with us below.


  1. I do not like being cheated. You can play the game and when you clearly still have moves it apparently times out and says you have no more moves. WRONNG. Tell me I ran out of time so I know how to adjust my strategy instead of telling me I have nor more moves. This is a ploy for you to buy more moves. I do not want to spend $100 on extra moves to complete levels. The game is more frustrating than fun when you know you still have moves and you are told no more moves available unless you buy them. Perhaps board games are more fun because you only have to buy them once. Do not waste your time with Pirates and Pearls. But that is just my opinion.

  2. I’ve discovered all the landmarks in two of the map locations, and now have a fortune in coins, crystals and lumber on each location. What can I do with these resources, as I have already bought access to all the lands on the location? They just keep accumulating. Can I use them to buy gems somewhere, or tools, etc.

  3. With so many players asking the same questions about how to use the resources you collect (coins, lumber, etc) I feel you owe us a reply. If we’re spending money on aids for completing some of these puzzles, you can jolly well get off your fat duffs and answer the question.

  4. I need to delete tis game from my computer. How do I get rid of it? it won’t open hasn’t for wks it satys to tap on icon then when I do it locks.

  5. I’m up around level 600. I found that it is easier to get there if you have a bunch of special things (i.e. rockets, pick tool, cannons, earthquakes, etc.). The problem is, to get these, you either spend a fortune in real money to buy them, or you gather resources to assemble collected items. I found level 91 to be easy enough to win (about 90% of the time) without using any special items from the inventory. When you get enough ‘chargers’, you can assemble things to gain more inventory. At that point, I move further in the game.

  6. I have reached level 626, some levels I have played so many times I just take a break for several days and then come back. Sooner or later I best it.

  7. Boosters: They can be acquired in various ways. Once you have one on the board they don’t activate until you match them with a like tile. For example a shell booster with 2 shell tiles.
    4 in a line gives you a “Magic Lines”, line crusher. 4 in a column gives you a row crusher, and 4 in a row gives you a column crusher. If you find 2 adjacent Magic Lines, no matter the type, moving one over the other will crush the row AND the column.
    5 in a line gives you a “Color Bomb” crystal. Move it onto a tile of your choice and all tiles of that type are removed and will remove a level of sand under then and/or a box next to them. If you move it over a Magic Line, all tiles of the same color become magic lines and activate. Same with bombs. If you have 2 Color Bomb crystals next to each other, move one over the other and every tile on the board disappears.
    5 in two directions. If you see 2 in a row with an adjacent column with 2 and your are able to insert a matching tile to be the corner where they meet, thereby making 3 down & 3 across then, the tile you moved will become a Bomb of the same color. Activated Bombs take out only the adjacent tiles, including diagonal and usually explode 2 times. A bomb of one color can set off a bomb of another color. Move a bomb onto a magic line, or visa-versa and you blast out 3 rows & 3 columns at the same time.

  8. Coins: In Pirates & Pearls they are necessary to get you from one island/village/level to the next. They are worthless in the other nations. You have to start all over, gaining different coins of gold, silver, iron, lumber, etc.
    Blue Sapphires (diamonds) are the only currency of global value in Pirates & Pearls. Pearls are a new currency circa Sept. 2019. I’ve just about finished Vikings and haven’t spent any US $. Patience is important. Also, when you return to your game after it has 5 lives, the odds of winning increase for the first board you play, so you might finally win that impossible board.
    Good luck me hearties.

  9. i was up to level 1,365 and then got a new computer
    and lost how far i have gotting. now i can not fig out the match a color bomb with an ordinary object a certain number of times.so if some one knows how please let me know.
    any time this came up i just blow up the whole board and this took care of it but not any more.


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