Join Captain Jack Sparrow as you sail the seven seas to become the best pirate in the world! Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is a strategy RPG/base management game based on the hit movie series. As a newly appointed captain of your own pirate haven, you’ll need to raise your own swashbuckling crew and build a sea kingdom fit for your name. As you conquer the open seas, you’ll come across familiar faces like Will Turner, Captain Barbossa, and of course Captain Jack Sparrow himself! We’ll help you become the ultimate pirate captain with our Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Being a pirate isn’t always easy, but have no fear! Starting out in Tides of War is pretty simple, so let’s get started with our Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War tips and tricks guide!

1. Complete the missions!

You know the drill! Any good pirate worth their salt will always make sure to complete the main campaign quests. You can see which one you need to do next by the banner at the bottom left corner of the screen. Tapping on it will take you exactly where you need to go to complete the quest. Completing these quests will ensure that your pirate base stays up to date and with the latest research, ships, and pirates. You’ll also get a ton of resources and experience too.

2. Upgrade your ships!

Your main attacking vessels are your pirate ships of course! When they’re docked at your base, you can tap on them to see their details. You can also assign pirates and most importantly queue up upgrades. Each ship has four aspects you can upgrade: ship firepower, hunting rewards, capacity, and ship armor. You should try to upgrade these as soon as you can to their maximum. The best part about this though is that they’re not considered building construction so upgrades don’t take up a slot in your construction queue.

3. Keep your queues busy!

Speaking of queues, this game is all about managing them. You have…

  • Two construction queues. You can view them by the two hammers at the top left of the screen. Try to always have buildings in the middle of upgrading. Since the construction times get to eventually be the longest, you’ll need to make sure not to waste a second!
  • One training queue. At the Pub you can recruit and train new pirates to add to your crew. Good ships need good pirates, so don’t skimp out on them!
  • One weapon queue. Once you unlock the Weapon Workshop, you can craft weapons for your pirates, further strengthening them.
  • One research queue. At Lore Collection, you can research things to unlock new ships and pirates, or get a permanent boost to some aspect of your base, like resource collecting.
  • Ship upgrade queues. Like we mentioned, these have their own unique queues so they don’t take up normal construction queues.
  • Attack ship queue. You can send out your ships to bring down mythical monsters in the seas for lots of random goodies. Keeping them busy, in conjunction with your farms, will keep your resource supply nice and steady.

Always try to keep all of your queues busy, especially if you’re waiting for a long one.

4. Complete the daily quests!

In addition to the regular main quests, you also have Daily Quests. They function just like regular quests with one catch – you get rewards and stuff as normal but each quest is worth a certain amount of daily points. Under the daily quests menu you’ll see a bar that fills up whenever you complete a daily quest. Upon reaching certain thresholds you’ll be able to open a daily quest chest. These chests contain even more goodies you’ll want to hang onto. These daily quests reset when the day is over, so try to complete as many as you can!

That’s all for Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. How do I get alliance silver I have traded pushed post recieve and still no alliance silver what am I doing wrong?

  2. The treasure chest icon in the upper right has a countdown timer. When the timer reaches zero and says free, tap the treasure chest icon, scroll to the bottom of sales items tap free gift to get free stuff.

  3. Free 500 XP every few minutes. Look for 5 larger pirates walking around your island. For each one, tap and drag him/her to the water. They will swim to the steps to get out. When an icon appears above their head, tap it to get 100 XP in inventory and then use it.

  4. wes has the right idea but you can also put them on say the pirates your highering or your weapons workshop or even a place your upgrading they will walk to it and take time off of what you are doing. If i hier pirates at 30 minutes drop one of the m on i then it goes to 24 minutes left. Drop another, 18 minutes another 11 minutes so on and so fourth. Same with healing porduceing wepans and connons and building upgrades

    • Sweetie…Just click on the ship you wanna sell. When the menu thingy comes up, click on DETAILS. When it comes up go to the VERY BOTTOM of that page and that is where there should be a link to sell your ship. 🙂

  5. Hello how can i store my resources? I click on depot but i have only option to upgrade or details. I have so much resources that i can’t obtain quests rewards 🙁 i always upgrade buildings but i still have so much of them!! my alliance told me to store them in depot but i don’t have that option? help me plz

    • Yes. Look near the Tavern and there is a guy standing on a little platform. Click on him and it will bring up your pirates. Click on the pirate icon of the type you would like to dismiss and select the number and dismiss them. It took me forever to find this again after I accidently came across it one day.

  6. My quest tells me to use a treasure (horn of plenty) skill, but I don’t have enough treasure for it and I don’t know how to collect more or gather any . How to I get more treasure so I can complete the quest?