Join Captain Jack Sparrow as you sail the seven seas to become the best pirate in the world! Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is a strategy RPG/base management game based on the hit movie series. As a newly appointed captain of your own pirate haven, you’ll need to raise your own swashbuckling crew and build a sea kingdom fit for your name. As you conquer the open seas, you’ll come across familiar faces like Will Turner, Captain Barbossa, and of course Captain Jack Sparrow himself! We’ll help you become the ultimate pirate captain with our Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Being a pirate isn’t always easy, but have no fear! Starting out in Tides of War is pretty simple, so let’s get started with our Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War tips and tricks guide!

1. Complete the missions!

You know the drill! Any good pirate worth their salt will always make sure to complete the main campaign quests. You can see which one you need to do next by the banner at the bottom left corner of the screen. Tapping on it will take you exactly where you need to go to complete the quest. Completing these quests will ensure that your pirate base stays up to date and with the latest research, ships, and pirates. You’ll also get a ton of resources and experience too.

2. Upgrade your ships!

Your main attacking vessels are your pirate ships of course! When they’re docked at your base, you can tap on them to see their details. You can also assign pirates and most importantly queue up upgrades. Each ship has four aspects you can upgrade: ship firepower, hunting rewards, capacity, and ship armor. You should try to upgrade these as soon as you can to their maximum. The best part about this though is that they’re not considered building construction so upgrades don’t take up a slot in your construction queue.

3. Keep your queues busy!

Speaking of queues, this game is all about managing them. You have…

  • Two construction queues. You can view them by the two hammers at the top left of the screen. Try to always have buildings in the middle of upgrading. Since the construction times get to eventually be the longest, you’ll need to make sure not to waste a second!
  • One training queue. At the Pub you can recruit and train new pirates to add to your crew. Good ships need good pirates, so don’t skimp out on them!
  • One weapon queue. Once you unlock the Weapon Workshop, you can craft weapons for your pirates, further strengthening them.
  • One research queue. At Lore Collection, you can research things to unlock new ships and pirates, or get a permanent boost to some aspect of your base, like resource collecting.
  • Ship upgrade queues. Like we mentioned, these have their own unique queues so they don’t take up normal construction queues.
  • Attack ship queue. You can send out your ships to bring down mythical monsters in the seas for lots of random goodies. Keeping them busy, in conjunction with your farms, will keep your resource supply nice and steady.

Always try to keep all of your queues busy, especially if you’re waiting for a long one.

4. Complete the daily quests!

In addition to the regular main quests, you also have Daily Quests. They function just like regular quests with one catch – you get rewards and stuff as normal but each quest is worth a certain amount of daily points. Under the daily quests menu you’ll see a bar that fills up whenever you complete a daily quest. Upon reaching certain thresholds you’ll be able to open a daily quest chest. These chests contain even more goodies you’ll want to hang onto. These daily quests reset when the day is over, so try to complete as many as you can!

That’s all for Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. The treasure chest icon in the upper right has a countdown timer. When the timer reaches zero and says free, tap the treasure chest icon, scroll to the bottom of sales items tap free gift to get free stuff.

  2. Free 500 XP every few minutes. Look for 5 larger pirates walking around your island. For each one, tap and drag him/her to the water. They will swim to the steps to get out. When an icon appears above their head, tap it to get 100 XP in inventory and then use it.

  3. wes has the right idea but you can also put them on say the pirates your highering or your weapons workshop or even a place your upgrading they will walk to it and take time off of what you are doing. If i hier pirates at 30 minutes drop one of the m on i then it goes to 24 minutes left. Drop another, 18 minutes another 11 minutes so on and so fourth. Same with healing porduceing wepans and connons and building upgrades

    • The pirate icon at the bottom of your page will open all alliance functions.
      Depending on how you want to “share” resources you may find it there.

  4. Hello how can i store my resources? I click on depot but i have only option to upgrade or details. I have so much resources that i can’t obtain quests rewards :( i always upgrade buildings but i still have so much of them!! my alliance told me to store them in depot but i don’t have that option? help me plz

    • The cannon as far as I’m aware is only usable when ships are heading towards your Base to attack your bases.

      And to use it. Click on it when they’re jn range and click fire. They’re not really that powerful tbh.

    • I would try rebooting my game and if that didn’t work I would contact them. click on your characters face go to the top right corner and click the gears then click contact us and tell them whats going on and see if they can fix the glitch.

    • To use your Craftsman treasure you go to the treasure cave and click on it… What it does basically is it takes time off of construction times.

        • hunting monsters. you wont get them every time but the more you hunt the better your chances. you can also increase your hunting rewards as part of your ship upgrades to up your odds a little more. once you get one of each item in the tab it will start letting you use the command

    • Yes. Look near the Tavern and there is a guy standing on a little platform. Click on him and it will bring up your pirates. Click on the pirate icon of the type you would like to dismiss and select the number and dismiss them. It took me forever to find this again after I accidently came across it one day.

  5. My quest tells me to use a treasure (horn of plenty) skill, but I don’t have enough treasure for it and I don’t know how to collect more or gather any . How to I get more treasure so I can complete the quest?

  6. Stuck on the manage pirates on a ship quest. Ive tried tapping on a ship and assigning from there. Tried reqruiting from the pub. Even upgraded them deom the lore and still cant get passed it. Any help pls..

    • By assigning talent points to your captains skills. You can reset all the skills and reassign them for 1000 gold. I often reset mine for territory sieges (attacking other players) or port conquest (team rally for port) as examples.

  7. I’m on my way to Shansa’s cave and i chose the first bottle on the top. Then i tried to destroy Barbossas crew but only the first one. How to destroy the other two?

  8. i got the black pearl and tried to attack a lumber island. after that my ship is gone but it’s still saying that my ship is attacking but it stands 00:00:00
    fleetid: 1985790 it’s where i think my ship is at but it cant locate this id.

  9. Boogadeh don’t listen to that guy…. You get rich island tickets from bonus time rewards. So log in as many times as possible for at least couple minutes..

  10. hALLO WIE KANN ICH BEIM SPIEL NOCHMAL NEU von vorne anfangen alle stände löschen will ja Server wechseln eigentlich aber das geht ja wohl nicht mehr .

    • Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut aber click auf dein portrat, dann in deine ‘captain’ pop up, click auf die kleine Zahnrädern, das offenen dein ‘settings’, click auf account und du würdest ‘change captain’ sehen; click darauf und wählen ‘create a new captain’, weis nicht ob du auch die server andern kann.

      Q.How can one start over from scratch in game, I want to switch servers but I can’t do that on this account anymore. A. Click on the ‘captain portrait’ in the upper left corner to open captain screen; click on the little cogwheels in the top right corner to open settings. Then select ‘Account’, in there you see the option ‘change captain’, it will allow you to start a new captain, in fact if you feel frisky enough you can juggle 5 of them.

  11. Help I cant get past the craftmans command treasure skill quest it keeps coming up everyday is doing my head in I click on the telescope click the cat of nine tails the timer comes up for 6 hours then I have to do it again

    • Each port can only be conquered by one alliance. Taping on a ports details will show “Remaing Peaceful State Time”. Once that timer clicks down there is a 30 min. window where you can chose to rally with your alliance in order to conquer the port. Whomever is the strongest at the end of window will have conquered the port. Then everyone in alliance will benefit from the boost the different ports provide. Note. while rallying to conquer a port you will not be able to utilize shields or move your territory. This makes you open for attack. Move resources to alliance depot, unused ships to a shielded alliance member or send them out to hunt to minimize losses if you are attacked.

  12. How do I set sail with more ships ATM it only lets me set sail with 3 ships, and keeps telling me to go to my lore collection…
    which one do I have to research to do this?

    • If you are researching the research will be specific to that ship, i.e. Xebec Firepower is for that ship and carries over to Xebec Firepower 2 and 3. Fleet Firepower carries over to any ship in your fleet. If you are applying ship skill points under your Captain skills everything carries over.

    • Eithier you are building a ship, crafting salvage kits or have a ship built ready to launch. Speed up’s will solve first two. If it the latter, you will have to destroy a ship in order to launch the one built in your ship yard. A flaw I feel should be resolved by app developers.

  13. Is there an actual “users manual” for this game. Everyone seems to be going into it “blind”.

    Thank you to any/all who may have an answer. ☠⛓⚔

    • Treasure items are random. Common sense would allow the assumption higher lvl. monsters produce higher level or more rare items. However, I have no data to confirm.

  14. Capture tools allow you to auto-hunt monsters or merchant ships. When selecting your fleet to attack with you can select the box to begin hunting streak or tap the + to add more capture tools.

    • I have heard of this happening to someone in my alliance, we all think the person who attacked was a hacker from a different alliance. we have a lot of issues with that particular alliance. they were also able to teleport into our hive somehow even though that is supposed to be impossible. once when they attacked it caused some weird malfunction to the guys game right when he was attacked.

      • Being attacked while I had the peace shield in operation also happened to me. I was told that it could be done by someone with a high level of Monsters that they had. It is supposed to be able to transcend the Peace Shield…..not sure if its possible; its just what I was told by a fellow gamer.

  15. Other than the Pearl, all your ships are considered common. First you must possess a minimun 200 plunder points. Obtained by putting idle sailors back to work. Each ship accumulates points individually, no sharing. To upgrade. Tap a common ship, tap Upgrade, scroll up or down to chose the ability you want to upgrade, i.e Cannon Caliber. Tap the ability and if have the resources, hit upgrade.

  16. To unlock and use Horn of Plenty you must aquire the required five treasures. Treasures are random and obtained from killing monsters. Eventually you will gain the required treasures. Just keep hunting.

  17. Come si posso ottenere Ticket imigrazione o teletrasporti per spostarsi per il regno grazie

    How can I get immigration ticket or teleportation to move to the kingdom thanks

  18. I have typed in my alliance co-ordinates to move my territory , it has said i have moved to these co-ordinates but my territory remains in its original place. I also cant seem to use my move ticket. Do i have to be a certain level to do this or am i missing something lol.


    • Typing cordinates and hitting move does not move your territory, just your view. You must then tap the spot in the ocean you want to place territory. Yyou will see the option to ” Move Territory”.

    • click your storehouse go to trade info and click set sail next to the item you want to sell, grab the circle and drag it to the right or click the plus symbol until you have as many as you want to sell then hit automatic sell and then select, it will automatically take you to your fleet page. at the bottom it will show you the capacity you need in red font. click on ships until the capacity font isn’t red anymore and click set sail. then wait. if you don’t click automatic sail check on your ships and when it says it is a port click on it and it will take you to the port your ship is at, click the port and hit enter port and sell your items and click return. if you dont sell before your port timer runs out is will automatically send your ships home and put everything back in your storehouse

  19. After you have defeated a merchant ship good are stored in your storehouse. Click on trade info. Tap the good you want to sell and move the slider over. Ensure you select auto sell or your ships will just sit in the port for a hour. Then you have to visit the port and manually sell your items.

    • Use one of the City Manifest from your inventory. Click on alliance tab, Alliance Trade Info. Post the port you have listed. Click on Receive to receive alliance info posted by aliance members.

    • After you have defeated a merchant ship good are stored in your storehouse. Click on trade info. Tap the good you want to sell and move the slider over. Ensure you select auto sell or your ships will sit in the port for a hour. Then you have to visit the port and manually sell your items.

  20. You must complete Sansa cave Episode 1,2 & 3. This is the second bottle. This will unlock the Dutchman. If you need help passing the episodes, just ask.

  21. Before you attack send a scout. When the report comes back check and see if they have resources to plunder. Will also show if they have ships or pirates. If they show zeros somebody already attacked them. Also, I suggest looking at buff info in the scouting report. Many alliances will send support troops. So you might think your attacking a small base only to find out too late as your ships sink that they had lvl 28 support ships.

  22. How do I use craftmans command? I’m tapping the cave and then the shell icon like its telling me to, but after that I don’t know what to do. Pls help

  23. How do I get more 2nd class Marque tickets?
    It says to fight lvl 11-20 monsters but I dont get those tickets.
    I can also create them in my fortress but it takes forever to make so it should be quicker to get the most by killing monsters…but I dont get them?

  24. I am having trouble finding a 3rd class Privateer license. All I can find are the Marquees. I have been searching lower level monsters. Am I missing something somewhere? Please help :)

  25. How do I level up my shipyard? It is at level 1. My wall is at level 3, and it states that I need to level up my shipyard. When I click on the shipyard it does not show a building hammer, to upgrade.

    • On the bottom bar you’ll see a scroll icon (2nd from right), all battle reports will be there, click on the battle tab and you’ll see the name and the coords of the attacker, click on the coords and it will bring you to their island.

      • if they used an assault ticket, you will have to manually search the waters till you find them. you will know they used a ticket if you click the coords and they aren’t there, especially if they coords are really close to you

    • When you sign in the game (and periodically afterwards while you play), there will be five ships attacking your gate, these are not other players, these are put there by the game. They do not do any real damage so don’t fret. Just sink them for items usually time related.

  26. I don’t understand how to send resources to alliance members. I receive quite often and would like to reciprocate. Also I don’t understand how the alliance trade info works. Please assist.

    • When you click on the horn above your Pirate Hall you are supporting alliance support request from members. You can view under alliance support or under pirate hall. Also, upgrading can send gifts to alliance members.

  27. How do I use the Craftsman Command treasure skill? It keeps showing up and when I go to the treasure cave and click it,it says I cant use it because all of the slots are empty.

  28. How do I get 3rd class privateers license other than attacking monsters? I ran out of them when attacking level 1 to 10 merchant ships and I can’t get any more even when attacking monsters?

  29. How can I move the location of my alliance? I am sure I did it early on just by moving myself (I am the alliance Leader, but that no longer works.

  30. Does anyone know what function “material” performs and/or what to do with it other than “combine” items when their quantity reaches 4?

      • at a certain level you will unlock the forge. you will need material to craft equipment for your character. when you get 4 or the same material you can combine them for better material to make better equipment. it has nothing to do with making weapons…you can equip 6 things one is a weapon that you craft at the forge.

    • You need resource transport tickets. The you go undeer alliance support then Alliance Resource Support. Note there is a 30% tax on all sent rss.

    • another way is after a common ship is upgraded as much as possible the game stops giving you ship upgrade points for finding idle sailors and starts giving you 30 limes per sailor. its not much, but its something i noticed

  31. I’m the leader of an alliance, we had to kick out some people due to a month of inactivity, but since they haven’t come back, is there any way to move their islands out of our alliance?

  32. I’ve noticed that some have glowing Black Pearl or Flying Dutchman ships. Is this a function of Calypso’s Blessing at some percentage, or how does the glowing ship work?

  33. Hello, when trying to trade goods for silver, it says a slider for the items should be there. Im not getting the sliders so unable to sell??

    • Donna,
      When you pick Storehouse/Trade info, if you have goods, it will default to the “best route” tab.
      Picking “sailing” on any goods will show the best route and will add any other goods that can be sold on that route.
      Using the slider(s), you can choose how much you want to/can carry.
      Choose “Automatic sell” if you don’t plan on buying anything at that port.
      “Select” takes you to the ship screen so you can select which ones you want to send.

    • If you mean farm, lumber and silver mine construction, they come with rank. If you hover over the wooded areas they will tell you what level you need to be.

  34. @Donna AFAIK, there’s only 2 construction slots, or until the next major update maybe? as for trading, tap on your storehouse, choose trade info and then tap on sailing, you’ll get the slider thingy then :)

    • You get Soul of Blacksmith from rewards like first victory and you get the most when you upgrade equipment to tier 6. But they do seem to be few and far between, I never have enough!

    • The treasures are random no set monster gives a set treasure. Try doing several auto hunts on lvl 9-15 seems to give most treasure! Good luck! :)

  35. When you receive lime juice as a gift/reward, where does it go? It says I received 30,000 lime juice, but I can’t see where anything has changed.

    • Go to pirate research in your Lore…find the current pirate you are using and select any of the pirate vs pirate power or pirate vs ship power

        • If you don’t have enough points press and hold on any ship that looks like its sails are down…once you press and hold on that ship it will zoom in and you will see 1 to 3 pirates with a yellow triangle above there head… tap on them and you will get points to upgrade that ship

    • when you give Calypso’s Blessing to your ships (tap ship and tap Calypso’s Blessing) with gold, you also increase this Calypso Meister level

    • you don’t lose building progress when you move your territory. when you want to move to a chosen location, you need a Premium Territory Move ticket. Another ticket called Territory Move ticket will move you to a random location. It doesn’t cost any resources to move your territory, just Move Tickets

  36. Why do I get a “failed to set sail” message pop up when trying to trade goods? I’ve selected a port, moved the sliders to max, ticked the auto sell box and selected enough ships to cover the quantity of goods but when I click sail this message pops up!??
    Please help

    • you’d need either a city trade manifest or a trade manifest, once you’ve used that then you have some trade info you can share with your alliance

  37. How do I use the “autohunt” card and what does it mean? And every level 1 merchant ship I hit says it is assignef to another player so I have never been able to attack merchant ships. Any tips?

    • when you hunt for monsters or merchant ships, you can choose to enable auto-hunt. after you select your ships for the attack, tick on the “hunting streak” near the bottom to enable auto-hunt

    • @Stuart – The limes create juice, which turns into resources, specifically Food, Wood, and Silver. The accumulation of all, are vital to success in the game.

  38. Hi
    On the lighthouse there is s tab labelled raid, with then monsters on up to swordfish. How do you complete these? I have tried autohunting but this does not seem to do it. Monsters Ritchie, and ships are all completing ok it’s just this raids thing?

  39. The game sbows monsters that are called like a giant lobster, when i select it, it says the monster can only be attacked by the captain who called it. How do i call a monster to attack it?

    • The mermaid island is an alliance skill, that can be activated by your higher captains in your alliance. Once activated, the event will start at the nearest Mermaid Island nearest your alliance fortress

  40. I am having trouble attacking merchant ships. I have a license that is for 1-10 but when I try to hit a level 10 it says cannot attack because it is designated to another players quest. It has happened with every one I have tried. Help!

    • Not sure what you mean, but you can upgrade equipment via the captain icon or inventory, then selecting the gear you want to upgrade and then choose upgrade. You’d need Soul of the Blacksmith in order to upgrade equipment

    • Attack any EITC territory and if your pirates are strong enough and if you have enough plunder points it automatically plunders their resources.

    • You’d need EITC tickets, depending on the EITC you want to attack/plunder. Ideally, use scout to see if they still have plunderable resources, otherwise you’ll waste your time and EITC tickets in case they’re empty

  41. Hello, i Can se Around people are changing, Selling accout ect. How do u transfer an account to another player without them having your info, facebook link ect?

  42. Hello… When going to a new alliance do you lose the pirate coins accumalted that are used to barter? Should I spend them all before I my current alliance?


    • You get shop points by buying things from the shop, sadly there isn’t a way to get them through game play as it stands. In the shop, if you look a the details of the package you are interested in buying and go to the bottom of the list you will see how many points you would get along with the other items purchased. The points obtained from that purchase can then be used in the “points shop” to purchase other items at a “discount” cost of about 50% of the normal price (because you are using points as well).

      In short, you need to spend money to get points, so that you can spend more money, but at a discounted price.

    • If you attack a pirate 6 levels (could be 7 I can’t remember exactly) or more below you, you go chaotic. The time the chaotic state lasts is subject to how many levels below you the pirate is. If you attack someone 6 levels below you will be in a chaotic state for 1:00 min, 2 levels – 3:00 min, 3 levels – 5:00 min, 4 Levels – 7:00 min…. etc. It is designed to discourage people from picking on pirates too far below them. But in reality, it really doesn’t stop people.

    • Many alliance leaders or higher ups frequent server chat so ask for suggestions and input there. Look at the power rankings. Look at the number of members they have, but at the same time, don’t put too much weight on number that stat. Many alliances might show 40 members, but most of them aren’t active. Ask to join, if they accept you, great if they don’t ask another alliance. If you like it stay, if you don’t leave.

  43. Still cant figure out how to collect that treasure chest reward after the time runs out at the top right of main screen. I wait for the “free …” pop up, but no matter what,where,how many times it try to click on it or the chest, it just brings me to the main store page. Any ideas? Thank you:-)

    • Phantom ships are just Level 25-27 monsters… if you can kill a Level 24 Sea Serpent monster, give the Phantom ships a shot. To be clear, they are not merchant ships. I know some people initially think that.

    • Purchased packs can initially be accessed in your Inbox (Main screen bottom menu – scroll icon) on the “News” tab. Once you view them the first time, you can then find them under the “Notice” tab of the Inbox.

  44. Anyone know how the levels work on common ships. I have leveled 5 of 8 bomb vessels to level 8. Then I realized that the level will likely go back to zero when I replace that ship with the frigate. So unless I use gold to upgrade using one of the upgrade tickets I will have to start all over to level up a ship??

    • That sounds about right. Build new start at Level 1, use gold to make the old to new, keep the level. As far as the level itself, it seems as they level up there’s more room for pirates. I haven’t looked but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the specs improve marginally as well.

  45. There was something that gave me soul of the blacksmith, but I can’t remember what it was. One of that item would render 100 soul of blacksmith. Does anyone know what it was, and where it comes from? Thank you.

  46. The top of the game shows a bar with 2 swords and points next to it. What is the purpose of these points exactly and how do you gain loose them. I know you loose them when getting attacked or attacking enemies and gain them by all sorts of things. But I’m wondering if there’s a clear explanation on how to gain/loose them and why some people have much more points then others in the same pirate/fotress lvl

  47. If you click on the points, it will show a break down of pirates, ships, equipment, research, etc. The better and more of each you have, the more points. Even Captain score plays in there and that is based on XP points and what your captain level is. If a ship is sunk, your ship points go down, which then means your overall total goes down. As far as the points, they serve no purpose other than knowing who has the highest level of everything and the most of it. You can then take that and add 50 people together and get an alliance power score, which shows who is the most powerful alliance.

  48. I sent my boat off on a trading mission. My queue has been on Returning 0:00 for awhile. When I push the queue button, it pans over to an EITC trading vessel. Not only has my ship disappeared but now I cannot send out any more Fleet. I receive an error message that I only have 3 slots to use and if I have two filled the one on returned won’t allow me to send anything else.

    • Click on the storehouse, then click on trade info, click on set sail, slide the “X” button to select the volume of goods you wish to sell, make sure you tick the box in the bottom left to “Automatic sell then click select, choose the ship you want to sail then click set sail. This should complete the process.

  49. Monster bait comes with hunting monsters and no level doesn’t mean anything. It will take awhile to get 10 baits I hunted at least 50 monsters so just pick a good one and auto hunt

  50. When I click on my storehouse, trade goods, items are in there and I cant seem to get to them to sell. Ive tried gettibg trade info but I still cant get to it. Any suggestions?

    • Click on the storehouse, then click on trade info, click on set sail, slide the “X” button to select the volume of goods you wish to sell, make sure you tick the box in the bottom left to “Automatic sell then click select, choose the ship you want to sail then click set sail. This should complete the process.

  51. I cant launch my second ship. When click launch nothing happens. But it’s already built and i have pirates and lv3 dock and ship yard. Any ideas?

    • Click on your picture/avatar on top left of screen then on “gears” top right of screen — this opens a window with buttons labelled for account, language, etc. Click the button labelled “block” then in the window that opens up click on the name of the person you blocked, then click the “unblock” bar below that and it should unblock them.

  52. Hi by how we can get topkapi dagger. And bejeweled helmet i mean by hitting which level monster we can obtain these rewards. Do anyone have idea ?

  53. How do I manage dock, I click on the icon, it tells me to move a ship, I do and it go’s right back where it started and nothing happens.

    • You have to find a level 15 or above island that is under a peace protection within 20 miles of your base. Then you use your bate to lure the monster to that site.

  54. I am having trouble destroying monster level 21 Mutated Whale. I send 5 ships, Black Pearl level 8, Galleon Level 4 and 3 Fluyts which have all been upgraded to Max. How strong do you have to be to destroy this monster?

    • Okay, someone in my alliance knew how — tap on your avatar/picture (top left of game screen), then go to top right of screen and click on the gears icon, that will pull up some icons for account, language,etc., including one labelled “block” — click that and it opens to show names of anyone you have blocked –click on their name then on “unblock” on bottom of that section to unblock them.

  55. I’m trying to find the answer to this, too. At least I am not the only one to do this! Someone else asked the same thing awhile back but it doesn’t look like they got an answer.

  56. i don’t see any 2019 comments but i already asked my alliance and wondering how can i get more capture tools please? i’m not a full time player and it really helps. Somehow accumulated more than 2k as i started playing Tow but now at lvl23, fort21-have less than 250 :/.


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