Today we take to the seas for a swashbuckling adventure! Pirate Alliance is a strategy and base management game that puts you in the shoes of a pirate captain! Build your own sea empire and create a pirate alliance full of only the best pirates. Fight other captains from around the world and become the Lord of the Sea!

We’re here to help you on your sea quest with our Pirate Alliance cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Grab the freebies!

Pirate Alliance has just launched, and you know what that means: freebies for everyone! Here’s a list of all the freebies you can grab:

  • The Online reward can be collected once you’ve had the game open for a certain amount of time. The game will automatically disable your device’s auto-lock function when it’s running, so plug in and wait for the rewards!
  • The Lottery can be played for free a certain amount of times every day. The Gold Treasure Chest which has small items can be opened every 10 minutes for free up to a total of three times a day. The Pearl Chest contains much better rewards like ships but can only be opened for free every 24 hours.
  • Under the “Event” button at the top right, you can find a lot of log in bonus stuff. You’ll find the sign in reward, lord level upgrade reward, and monthly sign in bonuses here. Make sure to check back often!

2. Use your inventory items for backup!

As you go through the many tasks the game asks you to complete, you’ll receive various goodies for your time. One type of item you will get frequently is a “card” item. There are cards that match each type of resource, and when you use one you will immediately gain the corresponding resource.

Food cards give you food, gold cards give you gold, and so forth. You can use them as soon as you get them if you like, or you can hold onto them in case you run low and need a quick boost. You shouldn’t really have resource problems though as long as you’re completing the tasks.

3. Upgrade your ships!

The best way to keep your ships in tip-top fighting shape is to upgrade them with components. Each ship has four component slots: sail, rudder, cannon, and armor. You’ll need materials to craft components for your ships, and if you tap on the slot for a ship an info box will pop up telling you exactly what you need. Completing a ship’s component list will let you permanently upgrade the ship itself, granting it a huge boost in stats. This is probably the most important thing you can do in terms of ship upgrading, so finding materials is top priority!

You can also assign crewmates to each ship. Each crewmate will boost a certain stat, but they can only be equipped to certain ships. Be sure to visit the Tavern a lot to see if you can recruit anyone.

Lastly, you can spend gold to upgrade ship skills. The gold cost for upgrading these skills is so little you should always have your skills up-to-date. In this game you can easily make around 10,000 gold by completing a few tasks. Some of the beginning skills only cost around 900 gold to upgrade!

4. Join an alliance ASAP!

As is always the case with these games, alliances/guilds are super important and you should join one as soon as you can. The very first time you join an alliance you are immediately awarded with 200 pearls, the premium currency of the game. Alliance members can help speed up your construction times, provide assistance during PvP battles, and a variety of other functions. There is no downside to being in an alliance, unless you really like sailing solo.

5. Keep your Warehouse upgraded!

The Warehouse will protect your resources in the event of a player attack! You’re shielded from other players for the first days of starting the game, but after that you’ll be open to attack. If a player does launch a successful attack on your naval base, they will take a portion of your resources. Depending on how strong your Warehouse is, a certain percent of your resources will be kept safe. Better safe than sorry!

6. Keep building!

You should always have something queue for construction. Upgrade your resource generators, upgrade existing buildings, whatever needs upgrading or building. Just don’t let your construction queue sit free. There’s a lot of stuff to build in this game, so you got to stay on top of it!

That’s all for Pirate Alliance. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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