PinOut! is pinball like you’ve never experienced it before! Set to the backdrop of electrifying lights and a high-energy dance soundtrack, PinOut takes the classic pinball game and adds a layer of progression to it. You’re not just bouncing around in the same layout anymore to rack up points, you’re constantly advancing upward into new levels. We’ll help you out on this pinball adventure with our PinOut! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

PinOut!, much like classic pinball games, relies heavily on your coordination and aiming skills. While this skill is mostly gained through practice, we can still help with a couple tips and tricks in our PinOut strategy guide!


1. Precision aiming!

One important trick the game teaches you after a couple of runs is that you can stall the ball by holding both paddles up. This is a common trick in any kind of pinball game, but we’ll repeat it here for those who don’t know of it. If the ball is moving too fast for you to aim sharply, let the ball come to a complete stop by cradling it in a paddle. It may seem like a waste of time to utilize this trick, but precise shots will help you progress through the level faster in the long run. Master this trick for awesome shots!

2. Always go for the extra time path!

You’ll see little white dots lined on certain paths. Grabbing these dots will extend your timer, so it’s very important you try to take as many of these paths as possible. Of course, we know that’s easier said than done, but as long as you practice aiming like we mentioned in the first tip you should be OK! If you end up passing a section without taking the extra time path, don’t worry about it too much. Definitely don’t go back on purpose to grab the time dots. Instead, just focus on reaching the next time path.

3. Look for the colored balls!

At certain points on the board, you’ll see colored balls lying around. The first one is in level 2, and it starts the Lazer Racer mini game. You have to dodge a bunch of cars, and the better you do, the more bonus time you receive. Later on in level 3, you’ll find a ball that lets you activate a power up. The two power ups you have to choose between let you stop the timer for a couple of seconds, or stop the timer for a certain amount of paddle flips. Both power ups are incredibly helpful, but the paddle timer stopper might be more useful for lining up precision shots. Keep an eye out for these colored balls and make sure to run into them!

4. Get used to the angles!


The key to aiming your shots is to know when to hit the ball with the paddles. We’ll use the above screenshot as an example. If you were to hit the right paddle, the ball would launch straight into the left path. If you wanted to launch into the right path, you would need to wait until the ball was closer to the right side of the paddle. Of course, you could always use the left paddle for an easier angle. Mastering these angles will help you greatly, so practice!

That’s all for PinOut! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know below in the comments below!



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