Pinatamasters Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Break All Pinatas


Evil pinatas are taking over the world! It is time to fight back in Pinatamasters, a new idle clicker game. Travel the world and take on different kinds pinatas, but make sure that your weapons are good enough! Once you break the pinatas, use the coins you get to unlock new heroes and weapons! Our Pinatamasters cheats and tips will show you how to get lots of coins and weapons!

Pinatamasters is part idle game and part clicker, and there are some obstacles that lie between you and the pinata menace, so let’s get started with our Pinatamasters cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to break all pinatas!

Watch out for obstacles!

Sometimes you may have to hold back on the trigger! We know we know, that is not the point of the game, but if you take a step back you will notice that some of the pinatas will have little platforms that move back and forth. These platforms will block your shots, and this can be very problematic if you do not have enough ammo.

Wait for the platforms to naturally move out of your way, or wait for your target to move from out of cover. Alternatively, you can also upgrade your Speed stat, which makes you move back and forth across the screen faster.

Power up your bonus coins!

One of the auxiliary stats that you can upgrade is bonus coins. This stat affects the amount of coins that come out of the pinatas, so the more you upgrade it the more coins you can get.

It is best to upgrade this as much as possible early on, because you will benefit it a lot more in the long run. This will also reduce the amount of times you have to refight a pinata just to beat it too!

Get new characters!

Upon reaching level 25, you will gain the ability to reset your progress. Doing so resets all of your weapons back to level 1, and you start again from level 1, but you earn gems for your hard work.

Gems can be used to unlock new characters or upgrade your existing ones, and they all have their own unique abilities. Here are a couple we recommend!

Ninja is your starting character, and they are great to level up! Their bonus is that they permanently increase the amount of gold you get from pinatas for ALL of your characters, so there is no downside to this.

Catman grants you the ability to perform critical hits. This is really good because while 5% chance is low, it increases with every upgrade and critical hits deal a lot of damage!

Jason, while extremely expensive, reduces the amount of coins you need for weapon upgrades. We do not need to explain why this is so helpful!

It is important to note that when a character is unlocked, their bonus is applied to all of your other characters, meaning that you can play any character you want and still benefit from all the unlocked bonuses. So naturally, this means that you will want to eventually unlock all characters.

Invest in offline reward if you are away!

If you plan to play the game in short bursts and will have it close more often than not, be sure to put some coins into the Offline Reward upgrade. As the name implies, this upgrade will generate coins for you as you are away from the game.

The more upgrades, the more coins it gets, so it is up to you how much you want to invest in the upgrade.

That’s all for Pinatamasters! If you have any other tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!

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Pinatamasters Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Break All Pinatas


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