Pikmin Bloom Level Requirements and Rewards Tips/Cheats


Pikmin Bloom features a level system where you can earn rewards for progressing through the game, but it’s a little different from your standard experience-based leveling system. Players will need to complete tasks and walk enough in order to level up and earn rewards. Today, we’ll show you a list of Pikmin Bloom’s level requirements and rewards with some tips and cheats!

Tips for Leveling up in Pikmin Bloom

Each level has a specific set of objectives that you must complete in order to reach it. There are only a handful set of objectives that repeat per level, so you’ll eventually know what to look out for.

For starters, we recommend hanging onto your Single-Use Slots for growing Pikmin related to your next objective. If you use your Slots for whatever Seedlings you have, you may run out of them when it comes time to grow a specific type of Pikmin.

Depending on your walking frequency, you may want to hold off on growing the Big Seedlings, as they require many more steps than your usual Seedling.

Collecting Petals and planting flowers is relatively easy, but if you need more Nectar, make sure to send out your Pikmin on Expeditions. If you have the time, growing the Big Sprouts in the world usually rewards you with lots of fruit too.

For the Challenge objectives, make sure that the majority of Pikmin you’re using are the same color, as you get bonus points. You also get bonus points if your Pikmin have special decor on them or if their friendship is high enough. Make sure to feed your favorite Pikmin lots of Nectar to increase their friendship.

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Pikmin Bloom Level Requirements and Rewards

LevelObjectivesSteps RequiredRewards
1-2Complete TutorialRed Seedlings x4, White Nectar x26
3500Squad cap increased, Red Seedlings x2
4Grow 2 Pikmin1,500Squad cap increased, Yellow Seedlings unlocked, Single-Use Slot x2, Yellow Seedling
5Grow a Yellow Seedling3,000Squad cap increased, Single-Use Slots x2, Red Seedlings x2, Yellow Seedlings x2
6Grow 2 Pikmin5,000Squad cap increased, Expeditions unlocked, Single-Use Slot,
7Complete 1 Expedition7,500Squad cap increased, Detector and Blue Seedlings unlocked, Single-Use Slot
8Grow a Blue Seedling10,500Squad cap increased, Single-Use Slot
9Pick 50 Flower Petals from Pikmin14,000Squad cap increased, Single-Use Slot
10Plant 300 Flowers18,000Squad cap increased, Huge Seedlings unlocked, Single-Use Slot, Huge Seedling
11Grow 2 Pikmin23,000Squad cap increased, Single-Use Slot
12Complete 5 Expeditions29,000Squad cap increased, Single-Use Slot
13Grow 3 Pikmin36,000Squad cap increased, Purple Seedlings unlocked, Single-Use Slot, Purple Seedling
14Grow 1 Purple Seedling44,000Squad cap increased, Single-Use Slot
15Grow 3 Pikmin53,000Squad cap increased, Challenges unlocked, Single-Use Slot, Special Nectar, Challenge Pikmin x10
16Earn 1-star rating on an easy Challenge63,000Squad cap increased, White Seedlings unlocked, Single-Use Slot, White Seedling, Challenge Pikmin x11
17Grow 1 White Seedling74,000Squad cap increased, Single-Use Slot, Challenge Pikmin x12
18Pick 100 Flower Petals from Pikmin86,000Squad cap increased, Single-Use Slot, Challenge Pikmin x13
19Plant 1,000 Flowers99,000Squad cap increased, Pink Seedlings unlocked, Single-Use Slot, Pink Seedling, Challenge Pikmin x14
20Grow a Pink Seedling113,000Squad cap increased, Special Nectar, Challenge Pikmin x15
21Complete 10 Expeditions128,000Single-Use Slot, Challenge Pikmin x16
22Pick 150 Flower Petals from Pikmin144,000Squad cap increased, Challenge Pikmin x17, White Nectar x10
23Plant 2,000 Flowers161,000Single-Use Slot, Challenge Pikmin x18, Gray Seedling unlocked, Gray Seedling
24Grow a Gray Seedling179,000Squad cap increased, Challenge Pikmin x19, Red Nectar x10
25Earn five 1-star ratings on easy Challenges198,000Single-Use Slot, Challenge Pikmin x20
26Pick 200 Flower Petals from Pikmin218,000Squad cap increased, Challenge Pikmin x21, Yellow Nectar x10
27Plant 3,000 Flowers239,000Single-Use Slot, Challenge Pikmin x22
28Complete 10 Expeditions261,000Squad cap increased, Challenge Pikmin x23, Blue Nectar x10
29Pick 250 Flower Petals from Pikmin284,000Single-Use Slot, Challenge Pikmin x24
30Earn five 2-star ratings on easy Challenges and Plant 5,000 Flowers308,000

Please keep in mind that this isn’t a complete list. This data was gathered through the community, and since the game has only been out for a couple of days, players are still working their way through the levels. As more data comes in, we’ll update the list accordingly, so you can plan your levels out.

That’s all for our guide on Pikmin Bloom’s level requirements and rewards. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Pikmin Bloom Level Requirements and Rewards Tips/Cheats



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