Hazy. Fuzzy. Cloudy. Every time you try to remember what happened, nothing but mixed fragments come to light. How will you remember the past when it’s crumbling before your eyes? Fight to save your memories in the unique puzzle adventure game G30.

G30 tells the tale of a person with a cognitive disorder. This disease is slowly chipping away at their ability to remember memories. Now it’s up to you to piece together what happened one fateful day by putting the pieces together.

Each level in G30 shows one moment in time from the person’s life. You’ll need to rotate a diagram that represents something related to that day, whether it was an object, a place, or a person. The colors and nodes must match, and the story will fill itself as you progress. It’s supposed to simulate a real life person trying to recall memories.

The memory will reveal itself with telescopic text, but you’ll need to fit all the parts together. Once you have the pieces in place, connect them together to figure out the context. Drag them like strings, and with some luck the memories will come back to you.

G30 is more than just a puzzle adventure game – it gives players the opportunity to feel what it’s like having a thinking disorder. Your days change when you realize that you can’t remember what’s real and what’s not. While the deep and mysterious story will pull you in, you’ll remember the experience when it’s all through and done.

The mysterious adventure game G30 is now available on the iOS App Store.

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