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Piece Adventures Simulator: How to Find All Side Quests

Piece Adventures Simulator: How to Find All Side Quests
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Piece Adventures Simulator is a Roblox action RPG experience based on One Piece, the hit anime and manga series. You’ll fight through hordes of baddies as your favorite One Piece characters, completing quests along the way.

There are main quests and side quests. Main quests are crucial to progressing through the game, while side quests are completely optional, but have good rewards. Today, we’ll explain everything in our Piece Adventures Simulator: How to find all side quests guide!

All side quest locations in Piece Adventures Simulator

Side quests are optional quests that you can take in Piece Adventures Simulator for extra Beli and experience points. They’re usually placed in spots you would naturally pass, but some are a bit hidden.

There are exactly four side quests in the game right now, and we’ll show you where to find all of them.

Piece Adventures Simulator side quest 1 location

The first side quest is located in world 1, East Town. From the very starting point at the docks, head straight past the main quest giver until you see a hole in the brick wall.

Go through the hole, and you should see a man tied to a wooden post. Talk to him to learn that his name is Zero, and he came to take down the marines. The marines got the better of him, and now he’s captured and without his swords.

You’ll have to retrieve Zero’s swords for him. Turn to your right, and you should see two large blue buildings. Zero’s swords are on the roof of the left building, so work your way up there.

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Piece Adventures Simulator side quest 2 location

The second side quest is located in world 1, Buggy’s Town. From the docks, turn left and go all the way down to the wall, then turn right. You should see a white dog sitting on the porch of a pet food store.

Talk to the dog and he’ll ask you to get some dog food for him. A bowl of dog food can be found near the entrance of the big mansion located at the side of the town. Check out our guide on how to get the Doge Mount for more details.

Piece Adventures Simulator side quest 3 location

The third side quest is located in world 2, Snowy Hills. From the starting docks, go straight and head past the log cabin. You should see an NPC behind the log cabin just standing around, so talk to him to get a side quest.

He’ll ask you to find and greet three bears in the area. The first one is right next to the side quest giver. To the right of the bear is a hill, so go up it to find the second bear. Turn left, and follow the path down until you hit a rocky cliffside; the last bear should be standing on top.

Piece Adventures Simulator side quest 4 location

The final side quest is actually located near the last bear you greeted from side quest 3. Go off the cliff and you should see a large castle ahead. Go towards it, but don’t go inside—instead, go off to the right and you should see a ladder.

Climb up the ladder, and you’ll find the final side quest NPC standing on the ledge. Doctor wants you to find some herbs, so head back to the hilly area with the bears, and you should find herbs lying around. They’re sparkly, so they’re easy to spot.

That concludes our guide on how to find all side quests in Piece Adventures Simulator. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Piece Adventures Simulator: How to Find All Side Quests


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