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Piece Adventures Simulator is a Roblox experience that is based off of the hit anime and manga series, One Piece. Players hop between islands, challenging the biggest and baddest bosses in search of treasure and fame.

To help you get around faster, you can acquire mounts. Some of these mounts are hidden through secret quests, like the Doge Mount. Today, we’ll show you how to get Doge Mount in Roblox Piece Adventures Simulator.

Getting the Doge Mount in Roblox Piece Adventures Simulator

To get the Doge Mount, you’ll need to unlock the second area of World 1, Buggy’s Town. You have to defeat Cap Freeman in East Town and pay the 2,500 Beli fee to unlock Buggy’s Town.

When you step into Buggy’s Town, turn left and head all the way down, past the main quest giver. You’ll see a pet food store, with a dog sitting on the porch. Talk to the dog to receive a new side quest.

Bring them some food plz!

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As you can see, the dog is starving, so you’ll have to find some food for them. Head towards the center of the town and look for a huge mansion with a blue roof. The area’s boss is sitting right on top, so you can’t miss it.

Once you’ve found the mansion, look to the right of the entrance, and you should see a small bowl of dog food sitting by the trees. Walk over to it and interact with it to pick it up.

With the food in hand, return to the hungry dog. The dog will thank you for the troubles and reward you with the Doge Mount!

Before you can summon the Doge Mount, you must open your inventory and equip it first. Press the Y key to open your inventory if you’re playing on PC, or simply tap on the inventory button if you’re on mobile. Once the Doge Mount is equipped, press M or tap on the mount button to ride it.

Enjoy zipping around on your new Doge Mount! If you have any other questions regarding the Doge Mount or Piece Adventures Simulator, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Doge Mount in Piece Adventures Simulator – Roblox


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