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Pico Tanks Guide: Tips & Tricks To Winning More Matches

Pico Tanks Guide: Tips & Tricks To Winning More Matches

Welcome to the tank scrapyard! Pico Tanks is a 3-on-3 tank brawler with intense action and frantic team work strategy. There are three different modes: capture the flag, fetch the cargo, and team deathmatch, each with their own strategies. Your tanks are fully customizable, so choose your parts and head into battle!

In our Pico Tanks tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of each mode, how to customize your tank, and how to generally strategize more. Let’s get started with our Pico Tanks tips and tricks guide to winning more mtaches!

Capture the flag!

Pico Tanks has multiple objective modes, but the one you will play the most often is capture the flag! You will be dropped into a 3-on-3 match against bots or other players. The flag will spawn somewhere on the map, and it is your job to go to it as fast as you can.

Be careful when you are approaching the flag, as the enemy team is probably doing the same exact thing. The last thing you want is to eat three direct shots right in face, so be ready to dodge and counterattack. Try to use bushes to ambush your opponents!

When you do finally have the flag, stay close to your teammates. Your team will earn points so as long as you carry the flag, so now it is just a game of keep away. Whoever has the flag cannot hide in bushes and they move slower than usual, so you really need to depend on your teammates to protect you.

If you lose the flag, do not sweat it! Just group up with your team and approach the flag carrier together, and you should be able to get it back no problem. The team with the most points when time rounds out wins!

Team Deathmatch!

The most straight forward game mode of them all: team deathmatch! In this mode, taking out an opponent nets you a point. The team with the most points when time expires is the winner!

There really is not much to this one: take out your opponents and survive! As always, stick with your team and approach enemies together to improve your chances of survival. When you are low on health, duck out to go grab a repair kit. It is really helpful if someone on your team is using the repair kit ability or repair beam weapon!

Fetch the Cargo!

The final game mode is fetch the cargo. It is kind of like capture the flag where you need to grab an object, but this time around you actually need to lug the cargo back to your base. Just like when you have the flag, your tank moves a lot slower when you are carrying the cargo and you cannot hide in the bushes.

Team work is very important during this mode. Whoever grabs the cargo must be defended by the enemy team at all costs. Stick together and take out opponents together, and do not let any enemies sneak up on your cargo carrier.

For this mode, it helps to have the heavily armored tank take the cargo. The cargo reduces your movement speed by a fixed amount, so having extra health on your tank is more valuable than having a speedier tank.

Battle for keys!

When you finish a match, win or lose, you will earn coins and keys. If you win the match, you get more goodies, naturally. Coins are a common currency and they are used for just about everything, but keys are a special currency that go towards earning special supply crates.

You can see your progress at the bottom left corner of the main menu. Winning a match nets you 20 keys, but you can only earn so many keys in a period of time. Above the battle button tells you how many more keys you can earn. Keys will recharge over time, so if you have no more keys available, you should take a break and wait for the potential keys to come back.

Complete your missions!

You get two daily missions and three “big” missions, which are just persistent missions. Both types of missions award you with stars, an exclusive token. Collecting 100 stars earns you a Tech crate, which contains a bunch of rare blueprints!

So, if you want to build lots of cool tank parts, you need to work towards the Tech crates. Be sure to do the daily missions first, as they cycle out when the day is over, and you will miss out on those stars.

Building your own tank!

Now here comes the fun part: building and customizing your own tank! Tanks are comprised of five parts: body, weapon, two abilities, and a topper. You start the game with basic parts, but you will quickly unlock more as you open crates.

The body is the heart and soul of your tank. It determines your base armor, energy capacity, energy charge time, and movement speed. There are all sorts of bodies that specialize in different things, like speedy but weak bodies, bodies that can charge energy fast but have a low cap, and so forth.

The weapon is your main method of attack. Will your tank shoot rockets, cannon balls, lasers? Just like the body parts, each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it helps to build with a theme in a mind. A long range rocket launcher with a slow but armored body is a good example!

Your abilities are abilities that can be activated in the middle of a battle to give you an edge. Your starting ability, Bubble Shield, protects you from incoming fire for a few seconds, and it can save your life if timed right! There are all sorts of abilities, like a deployable repair kit, explosive land mines, nitro to boost, and so forth.

Remember that each ability costs energy to use, and your energy regeneration rate and maximum cap are determined by your body. If you like to use a lot of abilities, a body that is focused on energy may be for you.

And finally, to top things off, we have literal toppers for you. You can put whatever you like on the top of your tank, but keep in mind that certain missions will ask you to use specific toppers.

So, how do I get more parts?

Simple answer: crates! Every time you open a crate, you will earn blueprints for certain parts. When you receive a duplicate blueprint, you will earn research points. When you reach enough blueprints, you can build the part! Alternatively, you can also use research points to buy a blueprint.

So, duplicate blueprint or not, you will always be earning more and more towards new parts. The more rare crates have a better chance of dropping higher rarity blueprints, so work towards those.

Check the shop for deals and more crates!

If you are looking for a specific part, you may want to stop by the shop. They have a daily deals section which rotates periodically, and you can buy individual parts here. You never know what they have, so it does not hurt to look! Don’t forget that there is a free crate you can claim every couple of hours.

General battlefield tips!

  • Memorize the locations of the repair kits on the map. You never know when you need it, and a quick dash to a repair kit is better than just wandering aimlessly.
  • Use the bushes to get the drop on enemies. When you are hiding in a bush, stay completely still, as opponents can see the bushes rustling when you are moving around. Conversely, you can use this tactic to flush enemies out of hiding spots.
  • Keep an eye on your energy and ammo reserves. You do not want to charge into a fight with low energy or ammo.

That’s all for Pico Tanks! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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