Pico Hero Guide: Tips & Cheats To Rescuing All Friends

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Pico is just minding his business one day on his own farm, then suddenly the red enemies invade and ruin his day! All of Pico’s animal friends have been kidnapped, and it is up to you to help him rescue them in Pico Hero, a top down pixel-art shooter with plenty of weapons to use and tons of enemies to blast. There are even some puzzles here and there too!

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In our Pico Hero tips and tricks guide, we will help you get used to the basic abilities of Pico. We will help you stay alive and complete all of your objectives, so let’s get started with our Pico Hero cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to rescuing all friends!

Rescuing Friends

In Pico Hero, each level’s main objective is to rescue the friend that is trapped in a cage somewhere in the level. The level ends as soon as you touch the cage. However, that is not the only objective – most levels have two bonus objectives (some have one) that can be completed on the side.

Completing side objects will help you unlock new levels faster, but they are not required in order to proceed. If you are planning to complete the bonus objectives, make sure you do not accidentally rescue the friend first. You can also check your objectives at any time by pausing the game.

Stay Mobile

Pico starts each level out with 100 health, and every time he is hit by a bullet he loses a bit of health. The enemies can all use the same weapons Pico can, and each one deals different damage.

To avoid taking too much damage, you need to be constantly moving so that you are harder to hit. A stationary target is a dead one, so stay on the mobile to increase your chances of surviving!

It is okay to get hit a bit early on, as the enemies are using things like uzis and pistols, but when you start getting to the levels where they are using laser guns that deal 10 damage each, it is important to dodge as much as possible!

Trees and Coins

One of the most common side objectives you will come across in an outdoor level is to plant trees. You do this by finding seeds scattered around the level, then bringing them back to holes in the ground. Trees will be automatically planted once you do this.

Levels usually have just enough seeds to hit the requirement, so make sure that you do not go straight for the friend and take some time to explore the level and plant all the trees.

This also goes double for the objective where you need find coins. Coins, just like the seeds, are scattered around the level but they really are not that hard to spot since they are shiny, yellow coins spinning rapidly.

Use Explosives to your Advantage

Certain objects that are sitting around might be of use to you. Red barrels for example, the oldest video game trope known to man, explode when they take enough damage. They are often positioned in a way that if they blow up, they will inflict severe damage to all surrounding things. They can hurt you too, so make sure you have some distance before you blow them up!

Other objects explode too when they are destroyed, like those giant speakers you see pumping out loud music. If you have a group of enemies on your tail, try luring them near an explosive then setting it off.

Keycards and Traps

Around adventure level 10 you will start to encounter spike traps. These traps activate on their own timer, and then they retract back into the ground before activating again. That small window is when you can safely pass through them, so be careful when traversing around them – if you get caught in a spike trap, it is instant death!

You will also start to encounter keycards around this time. Keycards are items that are hidden somewhere in the level, and they are needed to open various doors located around the level. The objective is usually hidden behind a locked door, so you need a keycard to progress.

Weapon Guide

Brown wooden crates contain weapons inside, so make sure you break each one you see. You are going to need a lot of firepower to get through this adventure so make sure you are stocked up and ready to fight!

  • The Pistol your standard single shot weapon. It is not very powerful, but it is accurate and has a lot of ammo.
  • The Shotgun is a powerful close range weapon that fires fives pellets in a cone. Each pellet does a little bit of damage, so for maximum damage you must get up close and personal to your targets.
  • The Uzi is a rapid fire weapon with decent accuracy. The rapid fire makes it great against groups of enemies.
  • The Minigun is the ultimate automatic weapon with the highest rate of fire of all guns. It trades all of its accuracy for overwhelming firepower!
  • The Plasma Gun fires energy balls at your enemies. This functions just like the Uzi but with bigger bullets.
  • The Laser Gun fires piercing energy rays that can hit multiple enemies. Great when enemies are lined up!
  • The Flamethrower is a short range weapon that devastate enemies over time with the fire damage.
  • The Grenade Launcher lobs grenades over walls and obstacles to blow up enemies. This is one of the few weapons that can target enemies on roofs!
  • The Bazooka fires a powerful rocket at enemies, dealing massive damage to anything caught in the blast. The Bazooka is the ultimate weapon and ammo is scarce!
  • Dynamite can be placed, which will detonate automatically after a few seconds. Can be used to destroy lots of obstacles.
  • Grenades can be tossed over walls and objects to take out groups of enemies.

Each weapon has their own use, so make sure to use the right tool for the job! You can switch weapons at any time by tapping the weapon box at the bottom left corner of the screen. Also, do not forget that you can manually reload your currently equipped weapon by tapping and holding the box. You do not want to walk into a firefight with an empty clip!

Train up to Hone your Skills

On the second page of the main menu pamphlet, you can access the training missions. These levels are short, but they focus on a single weapon or mechanic. The first few focus on getting around, while the next set of levels focus on a specific weapon.

These training levels are designed to show you the strengths and possible uses of each weapon, so if you are having trouble with a specific weapon, it helps to stop by the training levels and see what can be done with them.

That’s all for Pico Hero! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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