In our article today we will tell you everything that you need to know about Tastypill’s  mobile game, Pick Me Up, as well as give you all of our Pick Me Up game tips and cheats to pick a lot of clients and never crash the car again!

Are you up for being a great Uber and an exemplary driver? Then in this game you can basically do all that and also have the car of your dreams! If you are also drawn to super fancy sports cars then you can have your own and drive around with it! In the game only, but still – it’s better than nothing! 

So, enough chit chat – let’s dive right into the Pick Me Up game tips and tricks

Crashed? Unexpected Accident? Watch an ad to revive on spot!

If you managed to crash into another car that you might’ve missed to notice, and somehow you were right in front of the Finish Line, then you might get a little bit upset having to start all over again, right? 

Well, not really! You don’t have to start all over again, but you can watch an ad and revive right where you left off! However, it has a slight twist to it – you can only revive once per run, so make sure you use it wisely. 

Also, when you revive it will place you in the exact same spot you got crashed, so if it happens to be in the middle of an intersection, then you need to pay extra attention and be careful to avoid another incoming car. 

Pick up the clients quickly

The clients don’t like waiting for you to pick them up for too long, and sometimes they will hurry you up. Try to always be as swift as possible because they will reward you better and will be more pleased with your services in the end. 

Know when to go fast and when to slow down

It is important that you learn the routes as you go. For example, you don’t want to always go full speed at the intersections because you might get hit by an incoming quick car which you didn’t notice. 

Also, you should always go fast on the straight parts of the road and the turns, and slow down in the intersections. This is because you don’t want to crash into anyone and you want to make sure that you can stop in case you see someone incoming. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the clients like it when you go fast and deliver them to their destination quickly. They will tip you more when you do this, so whenever possible, hit that gas pedal! 

Get free bucks! 

You can get free 100 bucks by simply watching an advertisement. Head on to the Garage section and there you will see on the bottom of the screen a red button which will let you gather those free money.

All you need to do is watch an ad and you will get those money. You can do this multiple times, and if you want to unlock the cars faster, this is the way to go. Just wait until it refreshes and watch again and again to gain the bucks.

Unlock unique cars for watching ads

When you are in the Garage, if you swipe right several times you will see some special cars that can be unlocked by watching ads. All of them require you to watch 4 ads, and if you want to unlock some of them, make sure you do this because it’s basically free!

Double your earnings at the end of a turn

If you choose to watch an ad after you finished a level, you will double your income. This is a good way to gather up the cash necessary to unlock new and better looking cars in the Pick Me Up game, because after all, this is what you need to do – unlock cars and pick up clients!

These would be all of our Pick Me Up game tips and tricks that we have for now! Do you like the Pick Me Up mobile game by Tastypill? Have any more tips? If so, leave a comment down below and share them with everyone! 

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