PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulation has just hit the App Store, as well as Google Play, giving everybody a fair shot at YouTube stardom. Or Tube stardom. Either way, it’s all about making videos, bagging the views and becoming famous. And as you probably anticipate, it’s not an easy ride – on the contrary! But we’re here to make it as smooth as possible by sharing a bunch of PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulation cheats and tips to help you bag millions of views and get the most out of the game.

You’ll start in a basement with your computer on an empty box, but pretty soon you’ll be able to customize your room as you see fit. Learn everything about that – and much more from our PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulation tips & cheats below!


1. Watch those ads
Whether you like it or not, you do it on PewDiePie’s real YouTube channel, so why not do it here as well? There’s actually something good for you if you do it and there are two types of ads that you should watch: first and most important, the ad over the “Boost” button when you’re making a video which gives you more Views (which are the in-game currency). Second, you should watch whenever possible the ads to unlock new quests in the game: you’ll get nice rewards from them, so it’s worth seeing an ad for that!

2. How to record the best videos
Making videos is the main way to get in-game currency and new subscribers, so you should be recording videos at all times. When making a video, you should always select those with the highest potential first – look at the trending categories each day and select videos in that category, but also try to match them with genres you have leveled up as many times as possible.

The perfect combination for videos is choosing high level Trending genres that you have leveled up as much as possible, followed by a combination of one trending, one high level genres, two trending genres or a mixture of high level genres, even if you haven’t leveled them up. So make sure that you always produce the videos that will give you the most possible views.

3. Choose a niche and stick to it
Trying to be an ace in every possible niche is very difficult, so it’s best to pick one or two niches you want to focus on. I would personally go for two or even three later on in the game in order to increase your chances at having better options when making videos. But what does choosing a niche mean?

It means two things, actually: first, focus on purchasing items from that particular niche in your room. Tap the first icon in the Shop menu and then tap the category you want to focus on. Then keep on buying things from that category: for each one you have, your level of that niche increases and purchasing duplicate items works too. So focus on the same niche(s) and buy products from there over and over again.

Second, in order to increase your knowledge and potential success from a niche, focus on it in the Knowledge tree. Simply spend the brains to level them up to level 10 first, then once you get the required number of subscribers, level them up even more. This way, whenever you create a video from this category, you’ll bag tons of views and subscribers.

4. How to handle the Knowledge tree
Spending Brains for the Knowledge tree is one of the best ways to improve your videos even more, but with so many branches to choose from and so few Brains available, you won’t be able to max them out (at least not too soon). Therefore, you should be smart about it. And although I am not 100% sure if this is the best method, here is how I handled things:

– First, I focused on the Views Boost category. This boosts all your views by 25% for each upgrade, so it’s perfect especially early on when you want to bag as many views as possible. Even though boosting a category’s Branch gives you better results (a 50% increase when doing videos in that category), I still think it’s the one you should focus on at first and get it to level 6.

– Second, I added one level to each of the other categories. You get 50% more views for each upgrade, so it’s something good to have because you will not always get the genres you would like to focus on.

– Finally, I started working out on my niches. I choose two niches, actually, and I get a level for one, a level for the other and so on to keep them as even as possible. The goal is to get them both to level 10 and then start working on those Expert areas.

So, in conclusion, finding the right balance at first and your focus later on is the key to maximizing views.

5. What items to buy
I have already touched this subject earlier, so I’ll be quick here: first of all, make sure to focus on buying products in the niches you want to focus on and get as many as possible. They level up that particular genre, so whenever you choose it, you get better results. However, don’t forget to buy, every now and then, items that are not part of any category: they level up your character and you need to focus on that as well in order to have access to more advanced items and unlock certain features in the game.

6. Tap that eagle!
Every now and then, an eagle will appear on the screen. If you play with your sound on, you will hear it a couple of seconds before it appears on screen. If you miss it, it will soon return from the other side of the screen. Tap it in order to get all sorts of goodies, including a chance to get some sweet premium currency for free!

7. Puggle
You can play the minigame whenever you want to, but I would recommend to spend the views on it only when you’re dealing with items that have a very long waiting time. Reducing 10% from 10 minutes is not as impressive as getting a 10% reduction from a 2 hour waiting time! I personally use it on very rare occasions and I don’t feel like losing much from it.

UPDATE: We’ve added some extra and more advanced tips & tricks for the game – make sure to check them out! Also, don’t hesitate to add our in-game channel as friends: TouchTapPlay

These would be, for now, our PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator tips and tricks. Do you have any other strategies that work, or maybe questions? Let us know by commenting below!



    • I’d go with a few room expansions first in order to have more space for stuff that will in turn increase your video rankings. Then you might want to invest in an actual desk… and most of the other things which are purely cosmetic.

    • Trendy items are those items you can buy for your room that are part of a specific category (gaming, nature, humor etc) – the ones with an icon on them in the shop.

    • Streaming happens automatically when you aren’t in the app. So like, when you’re sleeping in real life or whatever. It just helps you get more views when you aren’t playing the app.

    • You need to have made an online account (made your channel name), then you need to add friends via their channel name, once you have done this you may tap on their name in the “Connect with friends” tab and visit their room. I hope this helped! ;)

      (You can visit it my room using ChemicalRage)

  1. What does mean, when I wanted to add friends, but when I pressed the button with text symbol and two ppl in it, I saw some pictures and they all said – Feature locked…
    Or maybe there’s another way to add friends?

  2. I just figured out that you can scroll down in puggle. I don’t know if this would make it easier since it’s sort of random but I hope this helps. Btw if the server work, friend me: FNLN

  3. I’m in level 5 now, but all the features are locked?
    Like, the rating, adding friends and stuff.
    It’s making me unable to complete my tasks, which kind of sucks.
    Help please? :3

  4. When I go to the page where you can add friends it says how many followers I have, is there any way I can see who my followers are?

  5. This is weird. I have added 2 friends, but there seems to be a liitle red exclamation mark on the corner, but when I try to figure out what is happening, I come up with nothing. Any help?

    Also add me (TheGames4MehGaming)

    • U should have “Connect with Friends” open, everything else is still “feature Locked” for me 2.

      I was told u have no public data yet when I tried to add u as a friend. :(

    • Same happened to me, after the first event with voting for the rooms. I also had one friend, had the exclamation mark over it and then the friend disappeared. It’s probably just the game that’s a bit glitchy at the moment and servers overloaded.

  6. I think it’s all still pretty buggy and glitchy.
    But adding friends when you can will help get some of those tasks done :)
    (Happy to be added- lilspixie)

  7. Anyone else experiencing connecting issues? It might be because of the server, but I get it many times.
    Anyway, add me if you want, my channel is Rittarella ^ ^

  8. I’m level 7. And my connect with friends feature is locked. It was working for a bit. I added 10 friends and when I logged off to have dinner. I came back and it was locked. My account is still signed in, and everything is in its place. Please help, I can’t finish any quests because of this

  9. If you buy some items to increase your niches level and you don’t have enough space in the room, just delete some old stuff.. brains you get from that will not disappear, so you can keep going until you waste your views :D


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