Developer Peter Molyneux is a man that needs no introduction, having developer, during his career, several games that have managed to become successful as well as innovate entire genres.

This is the main reason why several gamers have been keeping a close eye on Godus, a free to play game developed by his studios 22Cans, a game that features a unique free to play model which has never been seen in any other game.

With a surprise move, 22Cans has soft-launched Godus on the New Zealand App Store, allowing gamers to finally see what this game is all about.

Godus shares a lot of similarities with other games developed by Peter Molineux, namely the classic Populus and Black & White. Gamers will be taking the role of God and lead a civilization to prosperity. Only a few followers will be available at the beginning of the game but, as their faith in God increases, they will be joined by many others, helping shaping the land and advancing the civilzation with new settlements and more.

The free to play elements are introduced in a very peculiar way, as they become available only later in the game. Molineux has defined this model as an “invest-to-play” one, and it’s easy to understand why.

Godus is now available on the New Zealand App Store. Gamers living in other territories can also get the game by creating an account for this specific App Store.



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