Pet Peaves Monsters is a great Tamagotchi like game where you take care of your own Pet Peave monster, grow it to adult state and then send it to battle. We are here to make the entire process a lot easier for you and share with you some Pet Peaves Monsters cheats, a set of tips and tricks that will improve your understanding of the game and turn your little animal(s) into really cool beasts.

So if you want to get the most out of your game, check out the Pet Peaves Monsters cheats below and have fun playing the game!

1. Grow your pet peaves as fast as possible
Getting your pet peave monster from child state to adult is pretty easy and you should focus on doing it ASAP. For each state, your monster will have a specific need, like playing with rubber balls, eating different things or listening to music. Make sure that you meet these needs because each of them boosts the stats of your monster. When you are ready to grow your pet peave, shake your device and it will happen.

2. Food is free, take advantage of it!
After your pet peave grows to adult stage, you will be able to feed it constantly with free food in order to increase its stats. Make sure you do that often because you need a monster that has as high ratings as possible.

3. Don’t forget to entertain your Pet Peave Monster!
Even after growing up, the monsters like to play and listen to music. They might not show it as a want above their head, but you can try it anyway. Every time your monsters enjoys an activity, it will receive a boost in stats. And we already learned that those are really good to have because they increase the victory chances of your monster!

4. Keep fighting!
Once your Pet Peave monster reaches adult state, you can send it to battle against other monsters. You have no control over what’s happening on the battlefield, but if you have fed the monster well and kept it entertained, you should be all right.

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5. Grow more monsters!
After a while, you will be allowed to grow a new monster. Simply tap the box icon and you will be taken there, where you can start things over. The interesting part is that you can get a different type of monster. I am not completely sure about this, but the monster that you get might be influenced by what you feed it (colors) and how you entertain it. Either way, it’s worth trying because more monsters are always more fun than just one!

6. Buy all the new items
Regularly, new items will be brought to the store. Make sure you buy them all as they are required, one way or another, to increase the stats of your monster. However, it makes little sense to buy multiple items of the same type (excluding food) as the bonuses do not stack up.

7. Play often
Your little monster might look pretty strange and act strange, but it needs to be taken care after regularly. So make sure you play often, feed it and keep it entertained, which in turn will make it an overall better Pet Peave monster.

8. Check out the Monster Handbook

There you can find all the information that you need about your monster and especially all the items that are available in the store (and those that can be unlocked). For example, the mushrooms each give your monster special skills before a battle, but cost a lot of coins to be unlocked. Plan your way accordingly and eventually you will have them all unlocked and ready to turn your monster into… a beast!

These are our tips and tricks for Pet Peaves Monsters for iPhone and iPad. Do you have other tricks that you use when it comes to playing the game? Let us know by commenting below!


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