Konami knows how much we love card collecting games and they also know how much we love Pro Evolution Soccer. So they decided to mix them both and deliver PES Card Collection, an awesome football game with collectible card elements that everybody loves.

And we’re here to help by sharing some PES Card Collection cheats and tips: a complete guide to get the most out of this game and build a winning team filled with superstars. So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some PES Card Collection cheats and tips to keep on winning!

1. Your tactic matters
Although it doesn’t seem to influence your team’s performance and you can’t choose a tactic that’s better than another, giving you a bonus or something similar, tactics do matter in PES Card Collection. You should always try to find a tactic that puts your best players in their best positions in order to get the most in terms of team power. Browse through the tactics until you find the perfect one! It’s worth it!

In order to change your team’s tactic, simply head over to Team Management, tap the “Edit” button on the bottom and tap the tactic in the new bar under the field. From there you can switch and select the best one.

Make sure you also choose the player roles carefully, paying most attention to the Penalty taker (best shooter) and free kicks / corners (best TEQ stats)

2. Alternate Single Player with PvP
Since it takes so long for the new GP and BP to generate, I would suggest alternating between playing single player matches (that require GP) and PvP matches that require BP. Start with GP matches since you can fast forward them, then go to a BP one since these are way slower. Doing so, you optimize the time for maximum energy gains.

3. Play the other modes as well
The Skill Match and Elevens Match modes are also extremely useful for boosting your players’ stats and winning new items, while the Training Matches reward you with special items required to quickly train your players. Make sure you play them all and do it often in order to make sure that you have an influx of special items coming and your players are in top shape.

4. Sell players for coins
My recommendation is that, for a very long time, you should only sell the one star players that you get – or even higher start players if they don’t even make it to the reserves team. The reason for doing so is that you will need a lot of money to train your existing players and the low star ones are nothing but dead weight.

Never fuse low star players! Even though they get some extra bonuses when fusing them, they will actually never get good enough to deserve a spot in the starting lineup. Therefore, it’s just a waste of resources to do it.

You can also use these players in order to train your starters, but this is also something I don’t recommend doing, at least not for a long time after starting the game. You will have training items for your players anyway and you should use those. The costs are the same when leveling up your players, so it makes no sense to spend money AND players that can be turned into money for training when you can do it by playing matches and using special items that you win as you play.

5. Always focus on your star players
Your rarer, high star players are those that make the difference and they also are used in the Elevens matches. So you should always focus on improving them first, whenever you have the chance.

You will also unlock new players as you progress through the game and chances are that you will get rarer players than those you already have – eventually at least. So investing in players that you won’t use in a couple of weeks makes no sense!

6. PvP goals tip
Some of the PvP goals that you get are easier to complete if you alter your tactic. For example, there’s one goal that requires you to score with a player other than a FW. In order to increase the chances of that happening, you can change your tactic to one using a single forward and an attacking midfielder plus wingers. Chances are higher that one of these players will score too.

So always keep an eye on the goals and see if you can make any changes in order to easily complete them. Sometimes minor adjustments to tactics can make a big difference!

7. Always buy the card packs
When buying new cards, always go for the packs because they give you one extra draw and that provides better value for the money. Also keep an eye out for special events: it seems that there’s always a special event taking place that will give you better value for your money / premium currency.

These would be, for now, our PES Card Collection tips and tricks. Do you have other bits of advice for fellow players? Let us know by commenting below.



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