Perfect World Mobile: Class Guide & Best Class in the Game

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Have you wondered about what each classes in Perfect World Mobile do? Well, so have we, and we’ve come up with a Perfect World Mobile class guide to help you pick the best class fit for your play style and to properly learn how to play it.

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First things first, you need to know that there are three main factions in the game: Human, Winged Elf and Untamed. In the future they might add more classes to these factions (if the game follows Perfect World style), but for now there are 5 classes that you can choose from.

Each of the classes has their own play style and role, and if you want to find the best one for you, then let me help you a little!

Perfect World Mobile – The Barbarian

Faction: Untamed
HP: 5/5
Damage: 3/5
Support: 4/5
Crowd Control: 2.5/5

The Barbarian is mainly a tank, with melee attacks which are pretty decent I would say. He has a very important role in the game, because it mitigates a lot of the incoming damage to the team, redirecting it to oneself.

His attacks are not the fastest, but they will indeed pack a punch once they land. The Barbarians can shape shift, or transform into a beast that they represent (the one you customized when you created your character).

Each of the Barbarians’ forms has its own skill set, and whenever the Barbarian will change, they will change as well. Whenever the Barbarian transforms, they become even tankier, and they also gain the ability to taunt their target, which makes it easier for the rest of the team to deal damage, without worrying about taking boss aggro.

A Barbarian can find its place in any team composition, and it’s somewhat of a “must have” if you have some high damage dealers who are not sporting a whole lot of defensive abilities and stats. By having a (good) Barbarian in your team, you should pair it up with a Cleric to provide constant healing and keep it tanking for longer. This will be the foundation of any strong team, so take it into consideration.

The play style of the Barbarian enthusiasts is fairly easy, because as long as you are using the skills to make you more tanky, the class is pretty forgiving. So make sure that if you want to succeed plaything this, you carefully read and learn each of the forms’ skills to know exactly when to shape shift.

Perfect World Mobile – The Blademaster

Faction: Human
HP: 2.5/5
Damage: 4.5/5
Support: 3/5
Crowd Control: 4/5

The Blademaster is a DPS Human class which has quite a bit of damage, but isn’t too lacking on the defensive side either. They are melee ranged, which makes it pretty normal for the class overall to boost their Defense, since they will get very up and personal with the enemies.

The Blademasters’ damage is quite high as well, but only after you have achieved various states of Cultivation, because they will really shine in the end game. They will not be the strongest fighters early on, as they will need that high Cultivation to be able to open up their full potential, which is switching their weapons’ shape.

They will be able to switch between Axe and Hammer and Polearm stances, which will give them different plays styles and further enhance their power depending on which skills they choose to use. As they can change this, they can also provide a big array of crowd control skills to the team.

They are a key member in battles later on in the game, as they are extremely powerful and given the CC (especially their stun) they will be a beast later on because anything that gives some crowd control will be a great asset, as they can stop the enemies from attacking.

Early on it will not be super easy for you to clear dungeons and game content, because this class is not that powerful just yet, so you will have to improve a bit, and try to enhance your Cultivation. Once you did that, the Blademaster will be one of the strongest classes in the game in my opinion.

Perfect World Mobile – The Wizard

Faction: Human
HP: 3/5
Damage: 5/5
Support: 3/5
Crowd Control: 3/5

As a Wizard you will have access to ranged powerful spells which provide a little crowd control, but not nearly as effective as the Blademaster’s. The Wizards do not have very high defensive abilities, as they are mainly focused on DPS (damage per second), a.k.a. high damage dealing in a very short period of time.

They have, however, some crowd control effects such as slows, and a stun, but they are not the main focus of their kit.

The Wizards have a spell which lets them quickly dodge any incoming hit, which will come in handy (trust me) because they can’t really tank any damage due to their low defense. The damage they deal is very high tho, so I suggest that anything that you equip them with has more damage, because it’s better to enhance that as much as possible.

As I chose to play a Wizard, I found that they will deal quite a lot of damage early on, but sometimes, if you find yourself taking aggro of the boss (as in my case) because of the high damage dealt, then it’s significantly harder to survive without a Cleric (or at all).

So as a Wizard, I suggest that you always stand at the back and try to dodge any damage that comes your way, because the low HP and Defense that they got is not amazing, and their damage is very high, so the chances are you will draw aggro if there is nobody to deal more damage than you or taunt the enemy.

They will do really good in any team composition, especially if there is a Barbarian to tank on the front line and tank the enemy boss. If there are other high damage dealers with crowd control skills, try to use the stun when the other mate’s runs out, so you can basically “circle” the CC and keep the target locked.

Perfect World Mobile – The Archer

Faction: Winged Elf
HP: 3/5
Damage: 4/5
Support: 3/5
Crowd Control: 4/5

The Archers will have quite high damage, which combines well with their decent crowd control. Much like the Wizards, they are not masters at tanking or even taking enemy hits, because their HP and Defense are also very low.

They make up for the lack of defense with high physical damage attacks and skills, which although they look like spells, they are in fact physical attacks. So make sure that anything that you build and equip on them, is to further enhance these (already) powerful attacks and shots.

The Archers should be placed at the back line, along with the Wizards, and they will make great use of a tank in the front line to mitigate the incoming damage by as much as possible. If there is a hit which lands on them, they can also have a chance to evade hits, but don’t rely on this alone.

Make sure that if you play an Archer, you read your skills carefully and use them at the right time, because since you can inflict quite a bit of CC, you should rotate the effects with your other team mates, so that you can keep the target stun locked.

Once you unlocked Wings of Grace, make sure that you don’t waste that ability and use it only when necessary, because it’s a very important skill which will keep you alive in tough situations.

Perfect World Mobile – The Cleric

Faction: Winged Elf
HP: 3.5/5
Damage: 3/5
Support: 5/5
Crowd Control: 2/5

While not being the main damage dealer on a team, the Cleric will enable the actual damage dealers on the team to become more powerful and keep them alive, along with the tankers.

The Cleric is the support class of Perfect World Mobile, and that means that they’ll provide buffs, remove negative effects and keep other team members healthy, because in some situations, even the Barbarians have it hard!

The Cleric players don’t have a lot of damage, so instead of focusing on powering up the attacks or spells, try focusing on making them more tanky, so they can survive for longer and keep the other members of the team in good shape as well.

They are a key member for most teams, especially later on in the game and during boss fights, because their utility is unmatched. Any team that has a tank and a support, alongside their DPS members will do great with any game content, so make sure that if you choose to play a Cleric, you focus on your team before anything else.

It’s not easy playing a Cleric, as you will have one of the most important roles in the team, and you could arguably say that you are the one that keeps the team alive!

Now about the damage part – the Clerics will deal a healthy amount of damage too, but I really think that their best use would be as supports, because if you enable your tanks to stay alive for longer, then they will be able to inflict some damage from the back line, along with Archers and Wizards.

If you are up for a challenge, you can choose to play a full damage Cleric, but if that’s the case, you might expect some backlash from the team members who expect you to heal them non stop – oh, and try not to get hit, because the Clerics are not tanky at all!

Perfect World Mobile – The best class in the game

OK, so now that we’ve reviewed the classes, you might want to know which one is the absolute best! Well, sorry to break it to you, but there is no such thing! PWM is a game where all classes have their own roles, so depending on which role you want to fill in, then I can tell you what I think would be better fit for you:

– If you want to do a ton of damage from safe distance: For the damage dealers, the Wizard and Archer would be the go to choices, because they are ranged and they are DPS focused.

– If you want to do decent melee damage and survive: The class which will deal good damage and have a pretty good defense is the Blademaster, who is a melee DPS with pretty good Defense.

– If you want to tank (and possibly do some melee damage): While they do not excel particularly at DPS, they are the best tanks, and they do have some decent damage (but not very fast) – they are the Barbarians.

– If you want to support: The support class, which is one of the most important and tough roles to fill in, is the Cleric.

Now If you are a complete and absolute beginner, I would recommend Archer, Wizard or Barbarian, because they are quite easy to play. The Barbarian is more forgiving, because even if he lacks in the damage side, they will make up for it with defense.

However, as an avid Wizard player myself, I really like this class because it’s fun to play, does a ton of damage and they are not especially difficult to pull off, since their kit doesn’t require you to go head on into battle, and you can get to see things from the back line and decide which is the best approach.

Which is your favorite class and why you picked to play that? Let us know down in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to take a look at our game guide right here to learn all of the Perfect World Mobile tips and tricks that we gathered so far, and our guide on how to level up fast!

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Perfect World Mobile: Class Guide & Best Class in the Game

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