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Penguin’s Isle Guide: Tips and Cheats to Build the Perfect Island

Penguin’s Isle Guide: Tips and Cheats to Build the Perfect Island

Penguin’s Isle is one of the most relaxing idle games I have played recently, and always a joy to return to. However, being the competitive freak that I am, I also want to do as well as possible in the game itself, unlocking all penguins and making a ton of money.

If you are in a similar situation, then you are in luck as I am here to help you with a Penguin’s Isle guide: tips and cheats to help you get the most out of the game and do it blazing fast.

Because things can quickly turn from relaxing to stressful if you constantly don’t have enough money for the next upgrade or for unlocking new content on the island. So let’s get that sorted out by checking out some Penguin’s Isle tips and tricks below.

Upgrade the habitats in the correct order

Just like in most idle games out there, in Penguin’s Isle it makes sense to start upgrading your buildings from the bottom to the top. We do this because, usually, the latest habitats you have unlocked will give you the best monetary rewards.

In other words, you’re getting a bigger bang for your coin if you upgrade the Seagull Nest once than if you upgrade the Flower Garden (or practically anything below it)

The only exception here is the first penguin: the game loves it so much that many of its missions require you to keep on leveling it up and sometimes more than it makes sense from a profit point of view, but you should keep on doing that because the missions are extremely important.

But eventually, even that will get old. So focus on leveling up the habitats you have unlocked most recently. This is the way to making tons of money.

Keep getting more penguins

Penguins are not just cute as they start roaming the island and reward you with all sorts of goodies, but they actually make it a lot easier for you to progress.

Sometimes, unlocking a new penguin is more profitable than leveling up your habitats, as they will always increase ALL income by 150%.

Now that’s a massive boost for you – so make sure to keep buying the penguins you like to make buying new stuff a lot easier.

Focus on completing the quests

The missions that you get in the upper right corner should always be your main focus as they reward you with those lightning bolts.

These can be used to unlock various upgrades, such as increasing revenue, reducing building upgrade costs and much more.

Some of these upgrades (called “research” in the game) are more important than others.

Therefore, I would recommend to always use those bolts to upgrade them in this order: general gold production increase, upgrade cost decrease, penguin creation discounts and then everything else in order to Tier Up and start over with new boosts.

Keep an eye on the roaming penguins

The penguins on your island apparently love having their photo taken. So keep an eye out for when a camera icon appears above their head and take an in-game photo (it won’t be saved on your phone unless you choose to) for a huge money reward.

Also, you will notice that hearts appear above their heads as well from time to time. Tap those to speed up the heart collection process – and use those to improve your earnings even further.

You don’t really have to tap the hearts as they will get automatically collected eventually – but if you do, you speed up the process and get them faster, resetting the countdown to a new set of hearts.

How to put those hearts to good use?

While the rule that applies to upgrading habitats with coins goes with hearts as well, I found out that in reality it is much better to upgrade your habitats using hearts from top to bottom.

If you just wait to get enough hearts to upgrade the latest habitat you have unlocked, you will have to wait for a very long time, reducing the profits that would come in during that time from upgrading earlier habitats.

There are two exceptions to this rule, however, as we found here at Touch Tap Play:

1. Whenever you unlock a new habitat, save until you have enough hearts to unlock the auto collection. That is the most important part, as you don’t have to constantly tap the penguins working there to start making money.

2. If you have spent a fair amount of time away and the heart rewards from being offline are huge and allow you to get more advanced upgrades, get those first!

Unlock the special animals

Apart from the regular penguins that you unlock by tapping the Egg icon, you can also unlock some special creatures that will roam your island and provide all sorts of bonuses.

When it comes to these creatures, you don’t have much control, though: you get bits for them from unlocking Treasure Chests, and they are randomly awarded.

To open a Treasure chest, you can watch an ad every now and then and get 1 item or spend 200 Gems to open a premium chest with 3 different items.

Depending on your luck, you will get creatures that increase the revenue of one habitat or all, or creatures that give you various other bonuses.

Just make sure to activate them when you have enough bits collected: tap the egg icon in the lower left corner, and select “Creatures” from the menu.

You have to keep track of the amount of cards you have for each creature as the game doesn’t signal with an exclamation mark when a new unlock or level up is available.

There are amazing cool rewards in the water!

The rewards and awards that Penguin’s Isle offers you do not end here! You will also see that every now and then different things pop up in the water. These will reward you as follows:

Wooden box: a chunk of free money instantly
Floating chest: a massive amount of coins if you watch an ad
Red gift: a large amount of hearts if you watch an ad

Also, after watching 6 ads (no matter how long it takes you), you will also receive some free Gems as a reward. So don’t hesitate to watch ads every now and then.

Always double your away income

When you are away, you earn income for a set amount of time. If you spend a lot of time away from the game, I recommend you to double the income generated.

In order to do so, you will have to watch a video ad – but if you’ve spent over 2 hours away, you’ve also collected a huge chunk of money and hearts and doubling it will help you a lot. So take advantage of this offer and double your income!

In the end, no matter how competitive you are, you should understand that this game’s main goal is that of being a relaxing romp. It does this successfully and you shouldn’t worry too much about the overall performance in the game, but its relaxing appeal.

In other words, just sit back and enjoy the game – log in as often as possible in order to collect those rewards and keep going. You will keep doing better by simply playing more.

These would be, for now, our Penguin’s Isle guide. If you have other tips or tricks to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Penguin’s Isle Guide: Tips and Cheats to Build the Perfect Island


  1. I have a quest to “pick an item” how can i do this? I tried opening the boxes in the water but it s not it. Can you help me please?

  2. here’s a tactic : do things in this order if you can :
    -get as many penguins as possible
    -pick up heart box
    -upgrade with hearts
    -pick up either box or do photo quest
    -upgrade with gold
    -pick up the leftover box/photo quest if you had both
    -upgrade again
    -finally, use whale summon bonus
    -upgrade a final time
    you also can sometimes use a time token if you have gems lying around to get a huge amount of upgrades right before the whale part. i also recommend that you upgrade your stuff through item shards and bolts asap as they are available during the /whole process/.
    anyway this is pretty much based on 1 thing : it would seem that the amount of money and blah you get is based on your production when you tap the bonus, rather than when the bonus spawned. so you can progressively pick them up to maximize profit. as little as grabbing a box and then upgrading before you use the whale bonus, rather than grabbing them both at the same time, can already significantly increase your whale bonus
    here, I did it right now, and here’s my numbers.
    pre-grinding whale bonus : 298.40V
    post-g whale bonus : 1.05W
    worth it ? yup. and there I didn’t even use a time token.

    • Literally, it doesn’t matter much how you play. At higher levels the numbers will get so huge that eventually we’ll max everything out and have to watch a million ads to get diamonds… Unless we’re willing to pay to progress faster (and to what end. :))

  3. I don’t think upgrading a building from the bottom to the top is efficient cause it takes much more time to harvest. For example, my Hot Air Balloon Field (level 255) produces 72ao/20Sec while my Fishing Spot produces 2.23ap (=2230ao!) /3Sec. I always put my resources on Fishing Spot after developing new buildings.

    • We’re upgrading just as much as we’re allowed, which is dictated by the level of the building and it depends on how much hearts we can collect… Which depends on getting diamonds, so that we can buy heart tokens. This is the only way to eventually (!) beat the game without paying; though I suspect that at the highest levels we may have to spend days in the game – it’s my only fear! xF

    • It’s completely amazing that you we’re able to insert a lightning bolt in your comment and yet you’re asking how to play the game, basically. Nice, hehe.

  4. Is there any new levels coming I have done every thing sick of waiting for more stuff to come plus my quests are not loading been like this for weeks now !

  5. I’ve gotten 216 penguins, unlocked all habitats… I’m wondering if there are more penguins that will be unlocked at some point, or if I’m now just upgrading my habitats, penguins, and completing the missions? Is there anything else?

  6. Hey-o, I was just wondering what you use the penguin items for from the treasure chest? I get the animal friends ones, as they add up to give you each animal, but do they do the same for the special penguins and I just cant find them? What do the special penguin items even do? Thank you!

    • There is only 2 special penguin from bakery and theater. U can unlock them once u built those 2 and pass level 4 and 10 for respecting building. And u can get 1 only for each building. Owh.. i got 1 special penguin last time from chinese new year as well. Lol

    • In the bottom left corner, tap the egg, switch to creatures tab, scroll down and you can see the highlighted creatures ready to be updates. tap and update.

  7. Why the penguin creation in lv.7 in rocket launch field level was locked , and now I’m in the end of level of game and i can’t create about 65 of penguins ??

    Even i can create all of the one of the same of baby fisherman , gardner penguin and same etc…

    Now just i have 249 penguins and used all of the gold chest in the ends

    Please how can l make the other 65 penguins????

  8. My penguins are slowly becoming glitchy and they’re huddled around right next to the fishing spot. Some would say that’s normal penguin behavior ;) but right now there are about fourteen of them stuck in each other’s way, that’s about 33% of my islands population. They don’t eat or enjoy any of the facilities, and therefore do not produce hearts.
    That’s annoying since I invested so much in their upbringing and welfare. I tried tapping on them but it doesn’t help. Is there a way to break this loop?

    • I think the hearts produced are not related to the penguins’ on-screen activity, but in the amount of penguins you have and the bonuses for them. In fact, I needed to reduce the penguins on my screen just to keep the performance up and I didn’t notice any loss in heart earnings.

      You do this by clicking on the type of penguin and removing them BTW, the same way as with the items you place on the landscape.

      Watching the penguins do things is where the fun’s really at with this game, though!

  9. I have crafted loads but can only display 50 odd. What’s the point. I can’t keep putting things away. I have trees and plants I cant put on the island.


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