EA and PopCap Games have launched their latest and coolest Peggle version on the App Store recently under the name of Peggle Blast. I am having a great deal of fun playing the game so far and even though there are timers and other free to play related inconveniences, we’re really talking about an extremely exciting product here. But let’s skip the praising, and let’s get to what matters: some Peggle Blast cheats, tips and strategies to get three star ratings in all levels, as easy as possible.

So if you are stuck with one level or you have to wait until you get old to unlock a stage, we’ve got you covered, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Peggle Blast tips & cheats!

1. The time lapse cheat
No matter if we’re talking about the fact that you have to wait for your lives to regenerate or for a stage to get unlocked, this works so far, so make sure you try it: simply kill the app from the memory cache (quit the game them remove it from the cache by pressing the home screen twice, then swiping the app away) then go to your device’s settings and set the time forward by as many hours as you want. Get back to the game and play with either a full set of lives or without having to wait for the stage’s unlock anymore.

2. Add friends who play the game
If you want to play Peggle Blast the honest way, you will have to add a bunch of active people as friends so that they can help you in the game. It never hurts, actually, to add extra people to your game, so make it a priority to add a few for the extra help!

3. It’s all about the high score
Your main goals are listed when you start the level, but what you actually need is to get a score as high as possible – and that should always be your main priority as all the other challenges are completed while trying to achieve this. In order to get an amazing score, here are some tips:

– Always go for the shot bonuses, like the long shot bonus, the sliding bonus and even the extra points awarded by the purple peg. If you have the super guide active, then make sure to put it to good use to get to the hard to reach pegs and grab some extra points

– Learn to do the slide easily: when you have the pegs positioned for a slide bonus, that’s exactly what you have to go for: simply aim for the middle of the first brick on the inside of the loop. You’ll clear a ton of pegs and get a bonus score in the process!

– Phoenix eggs are extremely tricky because if they fall at the bottom of the screen, they are gone forever. So make sure that you hit them properly or go the risky way: if they hit the bucket when going down, they hatch instantly! Alternately, try banking shots off the walls to keep the few pegs usually holding the eggs safe.

How to win the duels
Duels in Peggle Blast are extremely fun, but they are also tricky. In order to improve your chances at winning a duel, try to score as many points as possible every time you shoot the ball. Also, make it your priority to hit at least one orange peg and don’t look at the ball count too much as that’s the least important part in duels!

Zoom in for precise shots
If you hold your finger pressed when aiming, a magnifying glass will appear, allowing you to tune your shot perfectly. Make sure that you always use this when dealing with a tricky shot or if you want to go for that perfect final shot!

For now, these are our Peggle Blast cheats and tips. If you have other suggestions in terms of strategy, don’t hesitate to share them with us below!


    • gears of bore was fracking hard to pass. If you have fire balls left, use them! If not, after every level they offer a free gift if you watch a comercial. This will give you an extra ball or an extra green peg. (Very useful) once you hit a green peg, aim just to the right of the left fire ball, or vice versa. Wait for the internal red balls to spin so that you can get max pegs by hitting a blue next to them. This is a strategy, but you still need quite a bit of luck to win.

  1. Hi I’m having great trouble trying to get past level 60,I have gave up counting the number of times I have tried,I can just get past the first level but I can’t get level 3 ,as I don’t have access to Facebook it’s making it a whole lot worse please help or advise

  2. im stuck on level 105 have been for 2 weeka now. need the fire ring to clear it ,but it never lets you win it when you spin the wheel.it should give you 3 firerings every time you pass a level.. its getring frustrating.and i dobt want to quit playing this game but i will if it keeps cheating .it wont let you win cause it wants you to purchase the special tools to beat this level .and im not going to purchase any of them.

  3. Dean..you want 3 fire rings for EVERY LEVEL? Let me a guess. You area millennial. You don’t play for the challenge. You just want the participation trophy


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